What can I buy instead of iPhone 6 plus 128 gigabytes

Today, Apple Store has opened with updated prices for all products. iPhone 6 Plus on 128 gigabytes now costs $ 78,000 and is the most expensive smartphone on the market, except for luxury phones, like vertu. We decided to estimate what else you can spend such an amount of money.

Ticket there and back to New York for the New Year (72,000 dollars)

IPhones, MacBooks – all this is cool, but if you are a real hipster, then it should be understood that the New Year in New York is the limit of dreams. Walk around the places where "one house" were filmed, visit the Christmas tree in Central Park or see the Empire State Building, which in New Year’s Eve looks just incredible. Of course, you can buy an iPhone 6 Plus in the maximum configuration, but hardly emotions from buying will be the same as from New Year in New York.

Domestic Auto (78,000 dollars)

If you spit in the person who buys foreign products and does not support the domestic producer, then your chance to confirm your words. Instead of iPhone 6 Plus, you can buy a VAZ 2105, and if you’re lucky, then and 2107. Some of them have arrived around the globe five times, but they did not become less desirable and in demand.

GIBSON LES PAUL CUSTOM (73,400) guitar (73,400 dollars)

This is a guitar for which some are ready to give their lives. Delivery will cost an additional $ 100-200, but the idea that Slash was played on the same guitar, guitarist Aerosmith, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and many others will pay off it in full.

What can I buy instead of iPhone 6 plus 128 gigabytes

Dog wheel for running (79,000 dollars)

Of course, you can buy myself an iPhone, and you can please our best friend with such a sports device. Huge wheel for running with difficulty levels is something that will allow the dog to have fun without your participation while you check whether prices in the Apple Store have not increased.

Riding stallion (75,000 dollars)

Since we touched the themes of animals, then as in the account, instead of the iPhone to buy a purebred race? The rolling stallion of the golden color will cost even a little less, but unlike the iPhone, will require additional expenses in the future.

What can I buy instead of iPhone 6 plus 128 gigabytes

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