What can I buy instead of the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR. We have 5 options

Apple has once again surpassed itself by issuing an incredibly expensive Mac Pro and the flagship monitor Pro Display XDR. The first one in the minimum configuration will cost $ 5,999, and the second – in 4,999, and this is without a stand, for which another 1,000 dollars need to pay.

In total, two of these new items are almost $ 11,000, which is about $ 720,000 translated. Even if you do not take into account the traditional margin for sale in Russia, and this is about 20% from above, the price tag is impressive. There are a lot of other options, how to spend such money.


For 600-700 thousand dollars you can buy a room in one of the far from the most provincial our cities. For example, in Kazan, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod or Yekaterinburg. And a lot of proposals, choose from what.

Cottage or plot

If you do not need a room, for this money it is quite possible to buy a cottage or plot of land in one of the same cities. This is important even for the Moscow region – up to $ 720,000 there are quite a few options within 70-80 km from Moscow Ring Road.


For this money you can buy a supported Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse III 2011, Infiniti FX I (S50) 2007 or Land Rover Discovery III 2008. If you consider a new car, then with a budget of 720,000 dollars you can take Renault Duster, Skoda Rapid or Hyundai Solaris II.


What can I buy instead of the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR. We have 5 options

If you live on the sea coast or on the shore of the shipping river, then instead of the car you can buy a boat: a pleasure or fishing. Avito, for example, always many different options for our and foreign production.

Trip around the world

Instead of buying Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, you can even go in a world trip for one and a half or two months on a huge ocean liner. You will visit dozens of different countries on several continents, get acquainted with various attractions and just discover the whole world for yourself.

According to preliminary calculations, Mac Pro in the maximum configuration along with Pro Display XDR can cost about $ 50,000, and this is about $ 3,250,000. With such a digit, the list of alternative purchases would also be replenished with an apartment.

And what would you spend such money? Share in the comments!

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