What can I learn by studying the food of Japanese women

Never wondered why Japanese women look like slim and healthy? In addition to another lifestyle, Eastern culture also provides for other nutrition habits, which include moderate food intake, healthy and natural food, and so on. If you want changes in your life, we offer seven councils who follow Japanese women and maybe you will follow.

Use little dishes

Japanese use small dishes for food. It helps easier to treat low food portions and do not eat more than you need. You can also try such a trick and soon notice that the portions of your food have noticeably decreased.

Drink a lot of green tea

Japanese drink green tea daily in huge quantities. It is believed that green tea not only reduces the likelihood of heart disease, but also prevents the organism aging, the likelihood of cancer and osteoporosis. Try to drink from one to three cups of green tea per day and post for the results.

Enjoy food

We have long been accustomed to pounce on food and devour it at the speed of light. The Japanese got used to slowly chew each piece and enjoy them. How can it help? The brain takes up to 20 minutes to feel the satiety, therefore, the slower you eat, the less me down before you feel saturation.

There is as much food treated person

The main products contained in the Japanese diet are rice, fish, vegetables and soy products. All this food is natural and natural. Despite the fact that they love snacks and desserts (like all people), they eat much less fast food, namely burgers, nuggets, potatoes fries and just very oily food.

There are small portions

What can I learn by studying the food of Japanese women

As I said, food in Japan is served in small plates and piles, instead of one big dish. Sometimes their food techniques include many very small portions of different foods and the Japanese try only to a little bit. Small portions – this is one of the main pledges of weight loss and healthy nutrition.

Eat food with the smallest number of preservatives

Many products sold in supermarkets are very quickly. And it is obvious that the less the product is left until the end of the product, the more it is necessary to think, and whether it is necessary to use this product in general. Manufacturers go on tricks, and for longer storage use various preservatives and chemicals. Try to avoid such products.

More vegetables

The Japanese adore vegetables and believe that the more beautiful food, the more pleasant it is. It is difficult to disagree with this, not? In order to achieve this, they decorate the food with plenty of different vegetables, such as tomatoes, carrots, pepper and beets. In general, make food brighter and attractive. Everything else, a large number of vegetables favorably affects the body and supplies it with useful elements.

What can I learn by studying the food of Japanese women

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