What can I spend the maternity capital in 2018

Maternal capital is budgetary funds to support families at the birth or adoption of the second, third and subsequent child. In 2018, the amount of payments is 453,026 dollars. You can not manage these money, but in accordance with the law federal law from 29.12.2006 N 256-FZ (ed. from 07.03.2018) .

What can I send tools

1. Improving housing conditions

  1. Purchase of a house or apartment. New property is divided between all family members.
  2. Housing construction with the involvement of contractors or on their own.
  3. Reconstruction of housing. The total area of ​​residential premises should be increased.
  4. The first contribution of mortgage or another loan to buy housing. In this case, it is not necessary to wait for the child for three years.
  5. Repayment of the principal debt or payment of interest on loans for the purchase or construction of housing, including mortgage. From 2018 – without taking into account the Decree of the Government of the our Federation of May 31, 2018 No. 631 Dates of the occurrence of credit obligations.
  6. What can I spend the maternity capital in 2018
  7. Payment of participation in shared construction or housing cooperative.

2. Child formation

  1. Education of children in secondary special or higher educational institutions on extrabudgetary places. The oddness of the birth of children does not matter, the main thing is that they are less than 25 years.
  2. Accommodation baby in a hostel with an educational institution.
  3. Care of the child in the educational organization, for example, in a prolonged day group.
  4. Baby content in kindergarten.

3. Pension Mom

Formation of the accumulative part of old-age pension. You can invest in non-state pension funds and private governing companies even non-working mothers.

4. Disabled children

Compensation for the value of the acquired lifts purchased by independently, letters for letters by the alphabet of Braille, special computers and so on. List of disposal of the Government of the our Federation of April 30, 2016. No. 831-C of all goods and services intended for social adaptation and integration into the our disabled children are established by the Government of the our Federation.

5. Monthly cash payments

Cashing maternal capital is prohibited. But since 2018, low-income families can receive the Federal Law "On Monthly Payments to families with children" from 28.12.2017 N 418-FZ Money from Matkapali cash or on a card provided that the second child was born (adopted) after January 1, 2018.

Payment monthly. The size depends on the children’s subsistence minimum in the region. You can get a "feeding" from maternal capital, while the child will not fulfill a year and a half.

One-time payments in the amount of 25 thousand dollars are no longer provided.

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