What can not be accepted with a man

Women love to talk. Especially with men. But, if it is completely thicker, sometimes in this beautiful occupation of us, girls, it is better to stop. How to understand when beautiful ladies are better to simply smile and silent? What are the topics better and not affect in a conversation with a strong floor? I decided to talk to men. Below are some considerations of sore.

Excellent ladies, follow a few simple rules, and you will have every chance of becoming perfect interlocutors.

Rule number 1. Former – this is not a topic for discussion

Cute girls, just believe that for your family well-being will be much better, if the theme of the former will remain unexplored. And please let us without intimate details.

If you are disrespectful about your former, then the man’s man may have several reasonable questions at once: "And why did you meet him at all, if he is so bad? You will talk about me too too if we part?"Or even worse:" What if there was a right thing that threw you?"

If you start singing the former diffilament guy, it can cause suspicion that you still think about him. Recall that you feel when your boyfriend once again mentions his former girl. Remember the old promotion: about the dead or good, or nothing? So, we introduce a new truth in circulation: about the former better nothing.

Rule number 2. Do not be smart, especially if you do not understand the topic

You do not need to behave arrogantly and piste your nose in dealing with men. At all should not be considered better or more interesting than others, regardless of their gender. Especially it looks like when a girl really doesn’t understand something, but argues about it with foam at the mouth and with the view of Anatoly Wasserman. Obviously failed tactic.

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Still young people do not really like when the girl is strongly trying to discuss with them some topic in which the man itself is not very strong. Especially when a man made it clear that it is not necessary to discuss it further, and the girl does not stop and gets. The young man should feel well done, and the girls who really do not really know, sometimes can put a boyfriend in an awkward position.

By the way, to the question of an awkward position: no need to ask for a man how much he earns. Especially if the woman earns more and wants to emphasize. This additional knowledge will not help anyone, you will not pay any time for it once, it will only make troubles in your already fragile relationships. Attention, question: why do you need extra problems?

Rule number 3. Do not enthusiastically talk about other men in the presence of your

No, admire others, not yours, men and their talents are quite natural, but do not need to do it demonstratively in communicating with your. In the admiring compliment to another, your man will immediately see trick, even if it is, in general, and no, and you have a positive about the successful comrades of the age of your grandfather.

Do not stand with a puppy delight or notice of everyday regret telling what a young husband of your girlfriend. Young man will immediately feel that you admire someone more than them, and it may even think that you are not comparing it with someone in his favor. No one loves comparisons. This alignment contradicts the understanding of the world of your partner, where he is the sun, and you are land rotating around it.

Rule number 4. His family is his fortress

In no case do not speak negative about friends and loved ones of your man, especially about his mom. Even if she has an objectively terrible sense of tact, style and tasteless borsch. Do not tell your man that all his friends programmers are terrible bore. Please leave your opinion with yourself. Lived somehow before and without you, here too, will cope without your participation.

It is extremely delicately to comment on the appearance of your partner, especially if it seems to you that you need to make some adjustments. Remember how painfully you perceive criticism in your address. And separate item – Hobbies of your companion. If your boyfriend loves to solder or artistically drink a junk, do not say that his hobby is useless. Believe me, he himself knows. Don’t be a guy in vain.

Rule number 5. No need to say hint

What can not be accepted with a man

My favorite point, since I myself often sin. I love halftone and always believed their use by its strength. Disappoint: men do not understand hints and do not catch these halftone. Moreover, young people nerve the lack of logic and feasibility in conversation. Specify specific questions, and not infinitely hint at what it would be nice if the moon had found himself in conjunction with retrograde Saturn.

Often girls want to be a mystery and so much to succeed that no one ever solve them at all. What did the girl wanted to say that she meant – mystery covered with darkness. It is also important to talk about what you want, and not about what I don’t want. Build your speech on creating, and not on denial. Peace for everyone.

Rule number 6. Set up details

No need to inform the guy, how often do you go to the epilation, make Botox injections or consult a cosmetologist. Let’s leave health and hygiene issues for very private conversations. The less you know the better you sleep.

And please remember the rule: less unnecessary information. Do not torment your man with extreme details. Leave stories about the long way to marry your cousin for girlfriends and do not blame the unfortunate boyfriend with the stories of the institute walnings of the best friend uncle. Gossip, many hours about the fate of girlfriends and distant relatives – this is not what wants to listen to your man. He is interested in his woman, and not hundreds of thousands of friends in her environment. Take as axioma.

Rule number 7. Public humiliation is bad

Male do not like when their girls in public space laugh above them. In general, under no circumstances. Men like girls who represent their kings in humans, and not with repentances without their own opinions.

Men are very fragile and wounded creatures. With them you need extremely gently handle, in front of you. Nonsense, sarcasm, dismissive attitude towards the surrounding the dignity of the ladies of any appearance. Even if her jokes are extremely witty and, as they say, on the evil day. From such a girl everyone will scatter, and it will enjoy communication only with them.

Rule number 8. Silence is gold

The diplomat is a person who will think twice before saying nothing.

What can not be accepted with a man

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