What can not be put in the dishwasher

Hot water is blunting knives. In addition, the flow of fluid under pressure can send them to a fascinating journey through the houses of the dishwasher, and the blades will spoil the neighboring items or the aggregate itself. So if the device does not provide a special compartment for instruments, you have to wash the knives.

2. Aluminum dishes

In the dishwasher, everything works against aluminum dishes. Long exposure to hot water and detergent leads to metal oxidation. In the dishwasher, alkaline liquids and tablets are usually used to effectively dissolve food residues. With the top layer of dishes they also cope. So it is better to wash aluminum buckets and saucepans with hands not to turn them into disposable.

3. Cast iron dishes

Cast iron is not aluminum. This is a good material if not for centuries, then for years. Its properties of dishes from this metal acquires due to hardening in the production and formation of a protective fat layer when cooking. In dishwasher cast iron deprived. And at least an externally frying pan will be the same, it will be used only for this in order to self-defense.

4. Wooden dishes

Due to the high temperature of the water, you risk putting a whole wooden board in the dishwasher, and get cracked. If the machine has a delicate mode, you can use it to avoid a sad outcome. But the easiest way to solve wooden products with hands.

5. Thermoses and thermocruises

The jet of hot water in the dishwasher is easily damaged by insulating materials and turn the thermocruise into a simple mug. But if you wash the dishes with your hands you still do not want, then just look for goods from this category, on which there is a mark allowing the use of a dishwasher.

6. Tableware intricate form

Of course, you can put a meat grinder or a press for garlic in the dishwasher and hope for a miracle. But, most likely, everything will have to be twisted with their hands, as it is not possible to remove stuck pieces of food. So put such items in the dishwasher is not prohibited, but meaningless.

7. Tableware with labels

To the banks and cups of washing in the dishwasher will benefit: under the influence of hot water labels will break. But the pieces of paper will score filters and can lead to device breakdown. Subsequent repair hurts the budget.

eight. Tableware with burning food residues

Alas, rubbing the burnt food is available manually: dishwasher will not cope with her.

nine. Elegant wine glasses

Water is supplied to the dishwasher under pressure, which wine glasses can simply not withstand and crap. By themselves or because of the collision with the neighbors in the pallet. So it is worth or wash their hands, or drink wine from the mugs that will suffer an idle appeal.

ten. Crystal

Because of the hot water, the crystal can hang out and crack. True, modern saladders and glasses make more adapted for dishwashers. The corresponding information must be specified on the package.

What can not be put in the dishwasher

eleven. Silver and copper products

Cookware can hang out and covered with spots. And on her cleaning will clearly leave more time than on washing manually.

12. Service with gilding

The graceful tea couple, which was given to you from the great-grandmother, is better not to put in the dishwasher. The dishes can lose the gilding and elements of hand paintings.

13. Clay utensils without glazes

Clay has absorbent properties. In the dishwasher, with water, it will absorb and deter. The liquid will be evaporated, and the caustic substances will remain.

fourteen. Cracked or glued dishes

If someone from your family is not ready to part with an old cracked mug, then a guaranteed way to get rid of it – put in the dishwasher. The main thing is to be careful when you start screamer from the device pile of the shards.

15. Pet bowls

67% SURVIVAL OF SALMONELLA COPENHAGEN IN FOOD BOWLS FOLLOWING CONTAMINATION WITH EFFECTS OF TIME, CLEANING, AND DISINFECTION OF TIME SALMONEELLA MISE SALMONELLES Save even after a standard washing cycle in a dishwasher. Accordingly, bacteria can also settle in the device, from where they will go to the plates for people. So forget about the washing of animal bowls in the dishwasher, if you value health.

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