What can steal cyber speakers and how to defend them

This is an invaluable storage of information to which almost all accounts are attached. If you use one mail and for personal purposes, and for work, you risk doubly. When hacking, fraudsters will be able to access not only personal, but also to commercial information. In case of loss of any data, the whole company may be under blow. So have two mailboxes – not just reasonable, but you need.

Through Imale, you can not only find out the account name, but also restore passwords to accounts. Having access to your box, attackers will definitely try to get data and for PayPal, and for Internet banking, and for all other important applications.

Logins and passwords to accounts

Data for entering all services, directly or indirectly related money, you need to select especially carefully. Of course, it is very convenient to use the postal address as a login, but think first about security. Especially if your imal is easy to find in social networks.

Accounts in games

Computer games – it’s not just fascinating, but also financially expensive. Upgrade tanks, buying a new football player in the team, Skins on weapons are a lot. Gamers and just lovers buy gaming experience, ammunition and the games themselves. After the alarms, account crackers can resell all this and bring real money.

Passport photos

Almost the most dangerous weapon in the hands of Internet scammers – these are scans or photos of your passport. They can get to the disposal of not those people on your own fault. For example, if you sent photos to your relatives or acquaintances for buying tickets or package. These pictures can be stealing from your social networks, mail or messengers when hacking. What is it dangerous?

  • You will be issued by microloans. Of course, according to the law, the personal presence of a person and the provision of a package of documents is needed to receive a loan. But with the development of technologies, everything becomes easier. To take a microloan, it is enough to make a passport data in the online application – and you can get money on a bank card. And prove that this is a debt of fraudsters, and not yours will not be easy. Also, criminals can record other people’s passport details in the Credit Guarantors Count. As a result, the victims will be responsible to the bank.
  • Buy a sim card in your name. Situation similar to the previous. Yes, cellular operators do not issue cards on the online application, customers must appeal to personally and present a passport. But intruders can be accomplices – mobile operators.
  • You will register a company. Dreaming to have a business and do not work? Desire can be done, but most likely you will not be happy. It is unlikely that the company in which you without your own knowledge are a formal director, will be legally legally, purely, without debts and violations of the law.
  • Create fake accounts. Register accounts on your behalf on various sites with a dubious reputation will be easier than simple. And to predict, what kind of scheme is used online robbers, it is almost impossible.

Data Talon

Stock Foto Paper queen on the background of gay or panoramic windows with airplanes is hardly in every instagram. Subscribers are quietly jealous, and only fraudsters are welcome like no one. Data from your landing coupon opens up a lot of opportunities.

First, you can find out the airline bonus card number. His and surnames in some cases are enough to access a personal account or reception to flight.

Secondly, PNR. Passenger Name Record is a booking code, a special identifier in the database capable of telling about all the details of your route. Unified PNR standards do not exist. But this code may contain information about the payment method (up to the number of the bank card), the number of the passenger phone, the date of its birth and passport data. Remember: even if you photographed the boarding pass so that PNR is not read, it is usually possible to remove from the bar code on the ticket.

What can fraudsters make:

    What can steal cyber speakers and how to defend them
  • cancel the return ticket;
  • change the date and time of the return departure or docking flight;
  • Find out the number of the mobile phone and contact the cellular operator for a new SIM card, since the old allegedly lost;
  • Define dates when you definitely won’t be at home, and try to rob housing.

Driving license information

Graduates of driving schools almost shortly sleep Selfie with rights. That’s just a presentation of successful success may end up hardly in court. Having information from your certificate, the scammers will easily be able to make a fake and sell it – for example, to the one who once deprived of rights. On the fake will be scented with a photo of this person and your personal data. And if he breaks the law again, questions may be both.

How to protect personal data

When changing the password, invent a new combination

Many services ask for users to periodically change passwords. And it would seem, it is an effective safety measure. But in fact, everything is quite the opposite.

Remember: When you needed to update the password, you came up with a new combination of letters and numbers or modified the old option? Most likely, the second. As a rule, users go along the way to simplify the combination, and this only weakens the protection. In addition, a slightly changed cipher is easy to forget, so people write it. These notes are left on the desktop, on the sticker, wearing a wallet – to get access to them many, including fraudsters.

One difficult password – reliable frequently changing imitate. For example – Microsoft Corporation in the updated version of its Windows 10 operating system (1903) refused Security Baseline (Draft) for Windows 10 V1903 and Windows Server V1903 from regular password change policies, calling this measure outdated.

Much more efficiently to start password manager. He will come up with a complex combination for you and will keep it under protection. The application will independently substitute the desired password to mail, social networks, accounting records. Here are some popular services: 1Password, LastPass, EnPass. They are paid, but it is a low price for reliable storage for your passwords.

Use two-factor authentication

Very popular today data protection method. Speaking with simple words, it is a double barrier, two steps required for access. For example, to enter Internet banking, you enter a login and password. If they are true, the phone comes to the SMS with the code. This cipher is the second step. Instead of SMS, special applications or hardware tokens can be used. Do not neglect the possibility of two-factor authentication when on your smartphone or computer will offer you such an option.

Do not connect to the untested Wi-Fi

Join someone else’s unparenched wi-fi dangerous. Cybercriminals can create a fake network to steal the data of any suspect users. Most often, this happens in places of massacre of people: cafes, shopping centers and city parks. Through a wireless network, attackers are able to get to your logins, passwords, credit card information, Internet subscriptions and favorite social networks. To avoid this, always use only secure Internet connections.

How to punish cybercrime

It is important to understand that fraud with virtual money and personal data ends quite real punishment. Connect the SMS to write money from the card and monitor finances. When leakage of funds immediately contact the bank to clarify the details and declare the police at theft. Also, ask for assistance in law enforcement, if you suspect that someone unsubscribe uses your personal data.

Responsibility for crimes against property is governed by Chapter 21 of the Criminal Code Criminal Code of the our Federation of the our Federation. And all questions regarding personal information regulates the Federal Law of the Federal Law on Personal Data Personal Data.

What can steal cyber speakers and how to defend them

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