What can tell the iPhone home screen about your owner

There is an expression: "Eyes – Soul Mirror". Praphrasing it can be said that the iPhone is a reflection of the character and habits of the host. For example, on my iPhone there is no heap of applications, I try to install only those who really will use. There are almost no games on it (well, I have no time to play), all applications have their own point, and in folders there are only unused applications. That is, I balancing between minimalism and functionality. This is my method, but you probably have your own, not? That is why it is always interesting for us how to customize your homeskin Other people and often when we meet, we take to watch someone from friends or relatives. Admit, you do that too? How we treat the organization of applications, defines the user’s type. I believe that there are only five such types of such types and confident, in each of them you will learn someone from friends or acquaintances. Want to determine what type you feel? Let’s try to figure it out!

1. Paranoid control

Everything should be in its place – each application in the daddy is strictly relevant category. Nothing should violate perfection. People of this type were incredibly glad when folders appeared in iOS, from that day their lives became much easier. They are pedantically lay out applications by category, even if there are only two of them or three – the fact of sorting is important for them. Often the folders are located in order of use frequency, the number of applications in them or by any other criterion known to the host one only. After loading the application immediately enters the appropriate folder, if there is no such – it will immediately be created. Often such people stored on the main screen all their applications neatly folded in the folder. About putting something on the second or third screen, there can be no speech.

2. Loyalty to traditions

Why violate idyll? Apple all thought out and there is no point in removing the icons from their familiar places – you won’t think of anything better. Looking at the screen of such an iPhone, I do not leave me feeling that his owner still lives in 2007 … Such people will never dare to move at least one icon from the main screen. Moreover, some do not even guess how to do it (and that it is generally possible). All applications loaded from the App Store are stored on the second-screen screen if the user loads them at all (yes, there are such conservatives). Hold third-party applications on the main screen? Yes crap, it’s the sacred!

3. Zen minimalism

You are a follower of the philosophy of minimalism and hit every word of your teacher Johnny Iiva. Even one icon is a lot, and therefore you completely clean your Springboard, leaving only a nirious blank dock – nothing should be discharged impeccable perfection of carefully selected wallpaper. The only relaxation that you can afford is to create one folder in the dock and fold all your applications into it. Of course, you will need more time to find the desired application, but nothing functionality, in comparison with the desire for enlightenment minimalism.

4. Leaf me as a book

What can tell the iPhone home screen about your owner

Users of this category are a little less fanatical followers of Master Quince. They are not alien to the desire for minimalism and the peaceful contemplation of Zen-Wallpaper, but they do not want to completely deprive themselves comforts and functionality (not labor minimalists). This type of type does not accept folders as such, they have all the icons are located right on the screen and occupy usually several pages. Basically, this is due to the fact that they use only 2-3 lines, leaving the free space "under the wallpaper". Within the screen (rows, column), you can trace the relationship between applications (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram beautiful neighbors). Such an approach, of course, reduces the mess on the screen and makes it easier to navigate among the installed applications (not peering in miniatures on folders), but has one living effect – "Multiplay".

5. Flea market

Hi, owners of 64-gigabyte devices. Very often such people follow the principle: "I download it while free (on a discount), maybe it will be useful". All applications that they once downloaded from the App Store must be on the device. Who knows when a dozen applications might imitate obscene sounds loaded in 2008? Having a huge number of applications installed, in combination with an endless stream of new junction of other useful applications, very little chances normally arrange them. These users literally live in Spotlight, but not because they like it, but because another way to find the right app simply does not exist. This is the price that they have to pay for the dogma "Everything – I wear with you".

iPhone very personal device. How can not be absolutely identical people, so there are no two identical iPhone. Everyone has their own personalization methods and what is convenient for one – categorically unacceptable for others. But still, there are some "schemes" of use, similarities in which many users are observed.

I described these types with some irony, however, in every joke there is some truth. Therefore, dear readers, unsubscribe in the comments to which type of users do you consider yourself?

What can tell the iPhone home screen about your owner

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