What can watches on Android Wear in a bundle with iPhone. Experience use

A few months ago, the choice of smart watches at the owners of the iPhone was practically absent. It has changed with the release of Apple Watch in April and even more – now, when Google released Android Wear application for iOS. Now the owners of the iPhone can use Moto 360, LG Watch Urbane and any other smart watch on the Android Wear platform. How successful and with any convenience – let’s understand.

Primary setting

Connection and primary clock setting are quite simple. You need to install the Android Wear application and running it, follow the masters tips. The clock will be connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth, after which they will appear on them to enter on the smartphone. Next, the application will issue many requests for using the iPhone, which should be taken if you want the watch not only to show time, but also knew how something else.

For the work of Android Wear-hours you will need at least iPhone 5 and iOS 8.2, as, however, for Apple Watch.


Android Wear application, which is used to configure and work hours, is quite limited. The biggest inconvenience is the need for its standing work in the background. If you complete the application, the connection with the clock will immediately break.

On the main tab, you can choose a dial or download a new one, but because there is no access to Google Play, of course, no choice will be limited to 15 additional topics. Also here is the "Tips" section containing useful information for watch owners.

In fact, it’s all. In addition to the dial and tips, in the upper corner there is a connection button to other hours and settings that contain various Google Now options and display behavior, adding other Google accounts, the default calendar selection (Apple or Google) and a list of blocked applications. Some of these settings are available on the clock themselves.

What works

Apple Ecosystem Closeness imposes certain restrictions on the available Android Wear functions, especially in comparison with smartphones on Android. We will not find fault, one fact that they are generally working, already a miracle. It is silly to expect something supernatural, but at least basic functions are available.


Of course, the clock receive notifications from the iPhone. The key point is that only alerts come from the "Center of Notifications". That is, if you allow applications to send you messages, but did not include their display in the "Center notifications", they will not fall on the clock. To receive them, you need to open the notification settings and check the display options for each of the installed applications. But the main thing is that it works for all applications: both for standard and third-party.

Opportunities for interaction with received notifications on the whole clock depend on the applications themselves. Some simply displays information about such an event. For example, WhatsApp shows that you got a new message and from whom it is – but you can read the message only in the application. Others in the notification immediately display and content: it does, for example, Instagram.

After receiving the notification, you can brush it right so that it disappears from the clock and from the "Notification Center" on the iPhone, or brush the left to block the sending of notifications from this application.

Google Now

You also have a Google Now service that allows you to choose certain notifications that will appear on your wrist, including reminders of birthdays, flights, weather and traffic jams. There is also a player management, however, only pauses and playback are available. Good news – it works in Apple Music, Spotify and other services.


Those who are interested in fitness functionality, I will say that the watch on Android Wear can count the steps and offer basic activity tracking. Some models have a pulsometer and other sensors, so if your watch is equipped with such, you will get more data. Bad news is that all this information is not synchronized with Apple Health.

What can watches on Android Wear in a bundle with iPhone. Experience use

What does not work

Android Wear on iOS has several large drawbacks, compared with Android. From the most obvious – very limited, or rather, completely missing opportunities to respond to messages and email (if not about Gmail).

Interaction with notifications

Apple Watch offer answers options, in addition, you can press text using Siri. With a clock on Android Wear All you can do is reject the notification or block the application that sent it. Single exception – Gmail. Turning on the appropriate option in the Android Wear settings, you can dictate answers to messages. Just speak very clearly, because everything you say will immediately go to your interlocutor. Considering the quality of speech recognition, you better not mistaken.


Extensions of third-party applications are now not available for Android Wear on iOS, so you have to upset everyone who expected to read on the clock news or browse the social network ribbons. Really useful applications with which you can work right on the clock, not so much, but they are. If it is important for you, it is better to look after Apple Watch, not Android Wear.

OK, Google

The voice assistant works in a bundle with the iPhone, but its capabilities are strongly limited. You can request information about the nearest events in the calendar or perform various actions with Google applications, but the number of available commands is noticeably less than that Siri.

Android Wear offers an alternative to Apple clock. However, for a variety of available models and design has to pay functionality. Will there be the best choice for you, depends on your needs. The watch on Android Wear copes well with the broadcast of notifications and allow you to view them without getting the iPhone from your pocket or bag.

Compared to features that are available to users of Android smartphones, in a bundle with iPhone Andoid Wear-hours have a number of restrictions and provide only basic features. But you will have a wider choice of gadgets, including design, brand and specific functions.

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