What can you have time for the May weekend

Long weekends are well suited to master culinary skills. You can start with traditional spring dishes – kebabs and okroshka. And then go to more complex recipes.

Training is easy to combine with pleasant: learn to cook with friends, buy products together. Arrange Salad Day, Chicken Day, Mexican Cooking Day, and so on. May weekend for the comprehension of "delicious science" just enough.

We look at what you did not have time

On May can be arranged at home Cinema: finally watch movies and serials that did not have time. Genres, format – your taste: horrors or melodramas, with or without friends, with popcorn, pizza or a cup of coffee.



Going on a trip

On May holidays you can go on an interesting trip. Not necessarily catch burning tours. You can restrict ourselves to two distances: to ride the native region or neighboring republics and regions. By car, bus, bike or hitchhiking, with friends or alone – choose what you like more.

Learning new

Additional weekend can be used to obtain new skills. If you have long dreamed of learning how to play guitar or piano, it’s good to take pictures or draw, it’s time to do it! And we will help you.

We are engaged in self-development

In May holidays, you can not only relax, but also improve yourself, put in order inner world. Choose what souls and start. On weekends, training is more productive: no need to be distracted by work, you are granted yourself, and it’s great.

Pouring in sports

Long spring weekends – a great time in order to play sports or install personal records. Run, jump, master the bike, stand in the bar and sit on the twine: you will succeed!

Making Upgrade Dacha

At the cottage on holidays, you can not only rest and fry kebab. Show creative abilities. Make your country house more cozy, break out flower beds, arrange a beautiful fireplace. Interesting ideas mass, and embody their easy.

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What can you have time for the May weekend

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We change the house beyond recognition

You planned to make general cleaning or permutation, but lacked time? It is out! For long weekends, you can drastically change your living space. Update always goes to favor, especially if you do it with the mind.

Read books

Cozy armchair unfolded on the soft grass Plaid, a comfortable park bench – places where you can read, mass. The main thing is to choose a good book. Enjoy.

Learning to write

Weekends – the appropriate time to implement the most bold and long-haired ideas. Why not try to write a story (or poem) and publish it in social networks? Or try yourself as a copywriter? Skill writing quickly and interesting can be honed, you only need to want it.

Arrange for friends marathon entertainment

You can spend all weekends with friends. Organize games for them, film viewing, Ploging competitions, arrange quests. This will make holidays having fun and with benefit.

What can you have time for the May weekend

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