What caps, hats and berets wearing this fall and winter

Only not a classic discreet version, as in past seasons, and something unusual. For example, a hat made of row of different colors and textures. Or a model from glossy vinyl ecocazines – by the way, this will also be an excellent protection against rain. Or fluffy "bucket" from artificial fur. In the trend also traditional steady options from denim or other dense fabric.

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2. Cowboy hat

So-so idea for the our winter. But in the fall, a romantic cowboy hat is very in the theme: it is perfect for poncho, one of the hottest over the top of the season.

In order not to climb, choose a model of dense and loose materials, such as thick felt or felt. Color can be any, but designers tend to classic or warm shades: black, white, chocolate, wine, brick, dark green, orange-yellow.

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3. Fur Bereret

Artificial fur – one of the masthells of the new season. So boldly complement the coat decorated with the eddow. To the color, structure and quality of the material Designers of the requirements are not presented: it can be smooth under the mink, and crispy under the sheepskin, and long under the fox tail.

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4. Knitted Cap Bini with Bright Elements

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These tightly sitting, sports caps do not come out of fashion for several years. Explanation Simple: It is difficult to find a more versatile model that will suit any style of clothing and any person – both man, and a woman, and a child.

Fashionable bins of this season are distinguished by a bright decor. Choose models with contrast embroidery, volumetric applications or an unusual shape – for example, with ears or horns.

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5. Cap Baker Boy

This model is known and under other names: a cup of a cup, a cappy of the newspaper. It is distinguished by volumetric top, sometimes decorated with flirty pompon, and a clear short visor. The coming cold season is especially popular options for eco-facilities, artificial fur or tissues, creating the impression of luxury, – Perchants, Velvet, Silka.

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What caps, hats and berets wearing this fall and winter

6. Hat with wide fields

You can choose any form of top – round, square, "bowler". There are also no requirements for the color or hats. The main thing is wide fields: if they have your head remove, you are definitely in trend.

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7. Cap-Snud (Balaclava)

This comfortable cocktail from the header and scarf borrowed from equipment for extreme sports, in the new season became universal. Designers trying on balaclava with casual clothes, strict business suit and even dresses.

The cap-scarves have a separate plus to which they may have their own popularity. In the era of quarantine restrictions, Balaclava will be salvation if you forgot the mask.

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eight. Hat with ear flaps

A truly winter thing, which this year flashes a lot on the podiums and streets. A distinctive feature of such models – long "headphones", covering not only head, but also neck, and sometimes shoulders.

However, the hard requirements for the length of the "ears" designers do not exhibit. Just like the material or colors of the caps. Ushanka may be massive and fluffy. Or smooth and tightly fitting head. Or easy and hooligan, in the style of the heroine of the film "Girl". In any case, such a hat will not only warm, but also informs others that you are aware of fashion trends.

What caps, hats and berets wearing this fall and winter

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