What cardiotransports are suitable for you

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, sports, the first thing you remember everyone. Undoubtedly, running is one of the most effective pastimes for your health, but at the same time only part of sports loads.

All sports loads depending on the intensity are divided into two types – aerobic and anaerobic. The main difference of these loads is the saturation of the body with oxygen during class. Let us dwell on aerobic loads. Most often to them include such types of activity as run, cycling, swimming, various game sports. Remember your feelings when you do something from this: the breath is not enough, the heart knocks, it seems that the next breath is not enough – all these are signs of lack of oxygen for the body. It is with these loads that the weight loss and improving the endurance of our organism is associated.

What kind of aerobic loads is better to do? You have a huge selection. If you like fresh air – you can choose for yourself running on the street, cycling or stop at a huge variety of gaming sports whether football, basketball, tennis and t. NS. If you prefer sports in closed premises, then so-called cardiosis are created specifically for you in all major gym.

Simple words, cardiosis is part of the sports complex in which various aerobic simulators are located or cardiotrymen. As I said, cardiosis exists in almost all sports complexes. But if you are not very lucky and in your gym, there is no this zone in your gym, then most likely a pair of simulators such as a treadmill, orbitrek or bike barrier.

The zone mentioned above includes several basic types of simulators: treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptic simulators (in common – orbitrek) and steppers. And a reasonable question arises: what the difference between these simulators? After all, in fact, all of them are aimed at strengthening our cardiovascular system, well, and fat to reset, how without it. Below I will try to designate their main differences.


What cardiotransports are suitable for you

The most popular simulator in any gym. No, seriously, personally I have never seen in my hall so that all the tracks are empty at the same time. Someone always runs on her goal. And after all, it was not by chance she became a simulator number 1 to maintain form. The main action that you make on this simulator is active body transfer in space. In common – run. It is for this that the organism needs an increased oxygen inflow. Perhaps the highest intensity simulator that you can choose, but there is a number of minuses. In particular, with incorrect running, the shock load on itself takes the joints of the knees and feet, also the load goes on the back. Therefore, it is better to start running with an instructor, well, or at least look a few materials about the correct setting of the foot while running.

Exercise bike

Also very common and popular. How difficult it is to guess from the name, on this simulator you will imitate riding a bike, just not such a fun and entertaining as in the fresh air. The load on the joints in comparison with the track is minimal, you can also increase the load intensity by switching the modes, the more mode, the hardest to turn the pedals. But we did not rest?

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What cardiotransports are suitable for you

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