What clings the series "Mair from Eastutown" with Kate Winslet as a detective

April 19 on the American Channel HBO (in Russia – on Amediateka) starts the detective mini-series "Meyr from Eastortun". The main role in the project was performed by Kate Winslet – Winner of the Oscar premiums, Golden Globe, Bafta, Emmy and Grammy. The participation of actresses of this level in the TV project can already be considered an indicator of its quality. In the previous time, the Winslet played the main role in the series 10 years ago – in Mildred Pierce.

But this is not the only dignity of the project. Mair from Eastoutauna gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of a small American town, introduces many interesting characters with many interesting characters. And at the same time it allows you to watch the investigation in the spirit of a classic detective thriller. This component sometimes looks not the strongest. But the total atmosphere of the series still captures, forcing it to worry about heroes.

History of the American Town

Divorced Meir (Kate Winslet) works by a detective in the Police of Eastortun. For the most part it is a quiet town. There are minor criminals, people with dependencies. But more often you have to ride the challenges of old people who were given another suspicious passerby.

However, a year ago in the city disappeared. The police did not find it, and the mother disappeared, familiar with Meyr from his youth, never forgiven a girlfriend, allegedly did not make enough effort to investigate.

But now a new trouble is collapsed to the Eastown – the young mother-alone mother is cruel. The suspicion falls on the father of the child, and then – on his girlfriend. And while Mair and sent to her for a detective COLINE (Evan Peters) are trying to find a villain, another crime happens.

Already in the first series it is easy to understand that Mair from Eastown is not exactly a detective. The entire hour episode is dedicated to the exposition, the viewer tells about the inhabitants of the city and their relationship. But this is not an artificial tightening of timekeeping. The atmosphere is even more important here than all turns of the plot. This story about people.

Kate Winslet and Evan Peters. Frame from the series "Mair from Eastutauna"

Especially since the authors of the series know perfectly, as they say. The creator and screenwriter of the Brad Ingelsby project grew in the same town in Pennsylvania. And the director Craig Zobel has long stuffed his hand at the shooting of stories about such places: in his portfolio of episodes "left", "American gods", the series "One Dollar". Therefore, the Eastown and its inhabitants turned out not grotesque, but most alive and plausible.

It is enough to mention one detail: Mair still received a nickname lady-hawk for a victorious throw in the decisive match on basketball for the state championship. And now it is regularly honored for this achievement, although the heroine itself similar attention has long been tired. But in the Intortun for 25 years, nothing more bright happened.

Kate Winslet and Julianna Nicholson. Frame from the series "Mair from Eastutauna"

The slow life of the town reflects the pace of narration, and visual series. Long pulp frames, pale color gamut and abundance of dialogs create a melancholic mood. And because each surge of action seems even more sharp: the destruction of the calm life of the Earth can not be easy to see, but feel.

Vital drama

With a completely typical American entourage, it may seem strange decision of the authors to invite British Kate Winslet to the main role. Even the actress herself confessed Mare of Easttown: Kate Winslet Breaks Down Her ‘Profoundly Challenging’ New Role (And Yes, That Accent) that the emphasis required to be focused with great difficulty.

Kate Winslet. Frame from the series "Mair from Eastutauna"

But looking at the image of the Winslet, you understand that the best candidate is not found. That is why the fate of the main character becomes an equally important part of the story than the detective component.

As if the character "I know that this is true" of the same HBO channel, for Meyr (name, by the way, it is literally translated as "mare") literally all the troubles fall. Daughter is experiencing typical problems of adolescents. For the grandson – the child, who threw the son of Mair, has to fight his mother, passing treatment.

And it’s even difficult to say on whose side the truth. Husband who went to another woman settled next door. And the authors do not turn it into a typical "evil former". Between divorced spouses normal relationships, but it only adds difficulties.

Jin Smart. Frame from the series "Mair from Eastutauna"

Even if it is generally removed from the series a detective part, it will remain a very interesting story. Mother Meir (Gene Smart) with his witty comments adds to what is happening humor. A climb writer Richard (Guy Pierce) causes love of heroine. Ironically that the actors have already played a couple in the TV series "Mildred Pierce", and chemistry between them is perfectly felt.

Crimes and investigation only add more difficulties to the usual life of Mair. And here again reveals the topic of a small town. The disappearance of the girl is not just a non-painted case, if you have every day to see her mother in the store. The arrest of the suspect becomes much harder if her father is personally familiar with the detective and can come home to her. An Evan Peters who came to come only to be wondering how Meyr copes with the need to choose between duty and friendship.

Kate Winslet and Guy Pierce. Frame from the series "Mair from Eastutauna"

What clings the series

But the story does not concentrate only on the problems of the main character. Like the TV series "Murder on the beach" ("Broadchurch") or Twin Pix, the investigation reveals the secrets of many residents of the city. Literally, each of the heroes is experiencing their difficulties and leads the inner war, which others may not guess.

Mother of the missing girl clings for any, even the most dubious information about it. An outered father is thrown to revenge for the deceased daughter, not even trying to understand the truth. It turns out that problems and anger have accumulated for a very long time. Tragic events have become only an incentive to splash.

Standard detective

Perhaps unusually talking about the investigation only at the very end of the review. But in this case, there are reasons for this: the detective component "Mair from Eastutown" looks a little weaker than dramatic.

Kate Winslet and Chinas Obbuagu in the TV series "Mair from Eastutown"

This, of course, did not fail. Especially since journalists have not yet shown the last two episodes that can turn the action in the most unexpected way. But against the background of the magnificent disclosure of the city and the heroes, the investigation seems too inhomogeneous, and sometimes banal.

Mair from Eastoutauna definitely cannot compete with the "aprichat" in the development of secrets and turns of the plot. Some lines are closed literally in a few minutes. This, of course, brings the story to the realism: To eliminate the suspect, it is enough to clarify a couple of details. But this approach deprives the action of entertainment.

Kate Winslet. Frame from the series "Mair from Eastutauna"

By the middle of the season, the pace of investigation will accelerate, the authors will throw new details and events, and then they will show a very hard turn at all. But still the series for the most part will remain a slow thriller, which conquers more anxious atmosphere, rather than mysteriousness.

"Mair from Eastutown" – another successful example of a gloomy story about the life of a small city. Stretching characters and feeding the plot are forced to forgive too standard detective line.

And Kate Winslet once again proves that she has any roles on the shoulder. For the sake of one magnificent actress worth seeing this series. The rest of his advantages will be only a pleasant bonuses.

What clings the series

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