What compact computer chair buy?

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I saw a cool selection of computer chairs, but they are all tall (there is support for neck or even heads). And what about the low models that support the back and only?

Daria Gromova

Hello! Middle Height Chairs with the support of the loin and without a head restraint most often meet among office models. More expensive products have fully adjustable designs: all major parts can be adapted to itself. Budget options usually allow you to adjust only the seat height.

Pay attention to the following models:

IKEA Chair "Huttefiell"

The height of the chair is adjustable from 41 to 52 cm. The position of the back, the depth of the seat and the length of the armrests can also be adjusted to itself. Wheels for greater safety are equipped with a brake, which is unlocked only under the weight of a person. The design is made of steel and aluminum, upholstery fabric, filler – polyurethane foam. Chair without problems withstands weight up to 110 kg.

Chair Brabix

Chair in strict design is suitable for home and office. Equipped with a simple Piastrian mechanism for swing without fixing the position. As a premium material, an eco-house is used on a cotton basis, it passes air and easily cleales. Construction withstands load up to 100 kg. In height, it can be adjusted from 43 to 53 cm.

What compact computer chair buy

Chair IKEA Torkel

The seat height of the chair can be adjusted from 40 to 52 cm. Resistance when the swing weight and adjusts the intensity of the movements. The wheels are rubber coated and feature responsive to the weight of human security brake. Model withstand a load up to 110 kg.

Armchair "Bureaucrat"

Easy office chair with a dense mesh backrest. Equipped with a tilting mechanism "Top Gun" with adjustment for the weight and lockable in an upright position. The seat height is adjusted from 45.5 to 54 cm. The back is curved to help to take a comfortable position, so that the body does not hurt and does not flow in continuous operation. The seat is filled with soft foam and covered with fabric. Armchair withstand a load up to 120 kg.

Do you know a good compact chair for the computer work? Offer your options in the comments.

What compact computer chair buy

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