What complains of the owners of the iPhone 5

Sales of iPhone 5 are accompanied by good reviews from buyers, however, as it is characteristic of any mass product, are in a novelty and some flaws. Some of them manifest themselves from most users, others are detected only in some, others are generally so subjective that they can simply be called their real shortcomings. Below is a list of the most common drawbacks voiced by the owners of the iPhone 5.


While the screen of the new iPhone has become even more resistant to mechanical stress, side and rear panels cannot boast of the same characteristics.

Moreover, some happy buyers discovered scratches on the case while extracting a smartphone from the box. In any case, do not put a new iPhone in one pocket with keys and trifle.

Problems with screen

Some IPhone 5 owners inform about the screen problems. On the movie presented below, it can be seen as when you click on different areas of the screen, one of the areas changes color, as if there is a significant pressure.

Other users complain about screen flicker, as well as that light from the screen "breaks through" through opaque parts of the case, for example, through the space between the screen boundary and the Home button.

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What complains of the owners of the iPhone 5

Wi-Fi problems

The appropriate topic Only on the Apple forum was mounted on tens of pages. Users complain that the iPhone cannot find a Wi-Fi network, quickly breaks the connection, and the data transfer rate is very small.

He is too light

An excellent example of the subjective perception of the device, however, quite a large number of people complain that the new iPhone is too light. With such a small mass, it seems to them "toy".

If the latter is definitely not a problem is such that the housing problem and the screen should not be ignored. Be careful when buying your iPhone 5.

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