What consequences lead trainings for men

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Is it true that men don’t cry? And can fill the mammoth and bend the rail with bare hands? And still know how to be woolen Volgar and like women. And more ..

Questions to men so much that they themselves do not know the answers to them. And in search of truth goes to trainings, where the leading varying degrees of charismatics are taught how to become a "real man" in just three days. Successful result is considered the ability to give an offender in the eye and bring the woman to the orgasm with a smile and smell of cologne.

Few prevents that any transformation of consciousness should occur smoothly. For this, for example, people pass psychotherapy. Long, sometimes more than one year are sinking.

When a person has been in force for three days, it is selected all that he copied for years (let not quite efficient, but working), and instead give fresh, untrained installations, for the psyche it can be a real catastrophe.

As if you were lying on a breakfast on a breakfast, a bunch without lumps, and then you got raw roots and said: "Now her hernias are every morning, in them the energy of the earth".

In general, the consequences can really bring to the tears of even the most brutal "alpha male".


Almost all trainings for "real men" are based on home-building. A woman is considered a substantial order creature, and a man – a phallic deity. The right male belief, according to Cucha Alex Leslie, sounds like this: "Women is a slave and obey, and men – it is to be a dominant".

"True man" must be a male. And the male must be cunning, to felt weak places in a woman, to increase its importance and in the most unexpected moment to hit her right in the heart.

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Trainer Pavel Cracks (by the way, he leads and women’s trainings) Says Pavel Rakov reveals the secret about the man’s training "Armageddon", which in his course "Armageddon" teaches women with eyes to orgasm. The woman is referred to as an inaniseable object, inseracting, inactive, always ready for copulation and does not require anything in return.

As a rule, men who are experiencing a certain life crisis come to the training. They feel that they do not cope with themselves, and are looking for support from. Taking such beliefs on faith, you can persuade yourself for chronic problems in relationships. And this is at best, at worst – for depression.

If we find a woman in need of a relationship with the "male", then to keep power, a man will have to climb out of her skin, proving his masculinity.

After all, beating from the leg and be able to do not care about everyone is not enough to always remain a "real man".

Today in society recognized the importance of the individual, and not. Sexy beliefs make a person outcast among educated progressive people. And for healthy relationship it is important to be psychologically flexible and reasonably manage your courageous and feminine qualities.


The fact of what to be an independent man teaches another man, but the "highest rank", – paradox. Of course, you can dig in psychoanalysis and see the father’s figure in the coach, which establishes laws and orders.

In many trainings, the structure is such: the hard image of the "real man" and mandatory to fulfill the task. That is, the "strong and independent" man is invited to be an obedient boy: to take a lower place in the hierarchy and to follow the orders in the hope of avoiding punishment and get praise.

Feedback on the training "Sparta" on ReviewScompanies.Club

This is a classic double message. For the first time on double messages spoke in 1956, the American psychiatrist Gregory Beitson in the Book "Ecology of Mind". He studied families with children, schizophrenia patients, and found that the basis of communication in such families – mutually contradictory instructions. Double message is a situation where a person significant for the victim is imputed to her the duty, which due to the contradiction cannot be executed. At the same time, the impossibility of execution does not exempt the victim from punishment.

The situation of the double message pounds a person into an angle, forms an internal conflict and subsequently leads to neurosis development. A man attending trainings is under pressure, it will be copied with discontent with himself.

Beitson spoke like this: "Double message is a struggle due to the question of whose ego will be destroyed.". Neither physical nor mental health adds.

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What is dangerous to start a new life from Monday? It would seem that I went to the training and woke up with another person. But everyone’s psyche is unique and develops including from a set of protective mechanisms that we acquire with experience.

This protection has a clear and important function – to help us adapt in the surrounding world and do not go crazy. Throughout life, we are faced with new requirements for yourself, and not always our usual behavior helps to cope with unpleasant experiences. We hear "you must", but do not know what to do, and because of this, you are nervous, lose self-confidence, we feel helplessness, we are afraid of losing respect.

Protective mechanisms help to cope with the alarm. They do not always contribute to development, sometimes even brake it, but they stand on the protection of our ego.

In training, psychological protection is revealed, and in its place, either emptiness remains, or other, destructive mechanisms appear.

For example, a person has always believed that aggression is bad. And replaced this unacceptable quality for him for fasciance and non-conflict. Or sublimated (that is, I removed the internal tension with socially approved ways): wrote paintings by oil or watched the criminal chronicle. And at the training it turned out that he is "weak and rag", that the "real man" should not be obedient.

Man reported: "Dude, you?! Out of hostility – it’s bad ". But teach how to express aggression correctly, and consolidate this new skill did not have time. Or not wanted.

If a person in the reserve is not enough for alternative behavior, it becomes very vulnerable, up to the loss of self-identity, that is, the feeling of oneself. Destructive protective mechanisms come to the place of emptiness: the somatization of anxiety (body disease) or emotional discharge due to the bright manifestation of feelings. The last mechanism is the basis for the development of dependence on alcohol and drugs, as well as aggression and suicide attempts.

Any change of well-established beliefs should occur gradually, in the office of the psychotherapist, and not during the elemental meeting in the assembly hall. Even if it is called training.


No, we are not talking about physical injury. Although there are stories on the Internet, I did not survive in the "Spartan Conditions": an attempt to "change yourself" ended for a man’s death on how the training for "real men" turned out to be the last training of Sparta Cams people in life.

Speech about loss of functionality. How does this happen? Confident, relying solely on his opinion a man for the training is unlikely to go. Well, except for curiosity for the sake.

People come to such events with shameless self-identifications and the question "And who I, actually, such?", Alarming and fear of unknown.

What consequences lead trainings for men

Instead of working on the formation of confidence in herself, making themselves, over the search for internal benchmarks, a person receives instructions, which felt its significance and even gets praise.

Men with injuries to reject the experienced experience of relations in which a person did not love, rejected, betrayed. It is very nice, but this approach forms dependence on the coach. Man continues to live with a support not on himself, but on foreign funds. He gets used to to rely on the coach or his philosophy and cannot make decisions on his own. He does not need to strain, smart people thought out for him. This is called disabled.

Psychological trauma

Participants of some trainings say negative reviews about the training of Sparta that they have to deal with humiliating tests, during which they experience a huge feeling of shame for their own weakness. The author of "Armageddon" Paul Rakov claims that "70% of the training is a war," and tells the male training of Pavel Rakov. Forge of real men! , What were the cases when people "ran away from fear", and some even "wrote". Sometimes it comes to real threats "Sparta" – reviews of physical violence over those who decide to tell the truth about the "examination for masculinity".

Thus, participation in the training – stressful, withered impact – causes significant harm to mental health. The most traumatic event for the psyche is the threat of death to the person and his loved ones, but no less harm to spiritual equilibrium sentences humiliation, fear and helplessness.

The psyche of each person is unique. Someone and death can not be frightened, and someone leaves the earth from under the feet due to the fact that he could not spray from the floor on a par with other participants.

In the category of people who are most vulnerable to psychotraum, are the men who come to the training, not feeling self-confidence. They can be formed, gallant, smart and talented, but they lack the strength of spirit and psychological security.

The consequences of such "transformations in a man" appear after a couple of weeks. Man fails in the feeling of total defeat, the conviction "I am a loser" is imprinted into consciousness. Results can be different: deterioration of well-being, apathy, refusal to follow social life standards, aggressiveness and irritability, problems in intimate life, alcoholism.

Feedback on the training "Sparta" on SEKTAM.Net


Training hierarchy pulls a participant in the so-called Triangle of Karpman – a model of a copended behavior described by the American Psychiatrist Stephen Karpmann. There are three roles in it: victim, aggressor and rescuer.

The victim becomes the visitor of the training, and the coach acts as an aggressor or rescuer.

The dramatic triangle of Karpmann is dangerous by fastening the scenario "The victim – the aggressor – a lifeguard", which underlies the destructive co-dependent relationship. In this scenario, none of the parties experiences happiness: the victim spends the forces on the resentment and dissatisfaction with life, the aggressor is on the experience of anger, and the rescuer is to reanimate the victim after the next shotgun.

For participants of co-dependent relations, it is characteristic:

  • unrestrained, causing behavior;
  • The desire to humiliate the other, cause him a feeling of shame;
  • accusation of others in their own problems;
  • hanging on other shortcuts (remember "you male!"Or" you rag!");
  • The habit of sharply turn contact in the midst of a conflict situation;
  • Suppression of own feelings;
  • Competition for power, the desire to solve conflicts on the principle of victory of one and loss of another;
  • Use of money, sex or feelings of guilt as a lever to control another person.

With a triangle of Karpmann, any of us faces daily: we ourselves or someone from friends criticizes the other (aggressor), gives advice (rescuer) or complains for injustice (victim). When such interaction is in habit, it leads to a kind of dependence in relations with other people.

How does this happen? Each of us has its own psychological needs: someone feels unsure and draws self-esteem from the outside, someone needs to be needed, "save", someone self-afforded due to the humiliation of others. So we occupy certain roles in relationships.

In the case of trainings, participants who need mentor can be addicted to the lead, which seems to be a carrier of valuable knowledge giving well-being.

From the description of the training on Praktiki.info

To protect yourself from participating in such a "game", it is necessary to take the position of the observer. To do this, it is useful to look at the situation from the part and ask yourself questions: "What does a person seek when he provokes me to emotions?"," Does it happen in my desire or besides my will?"," This role is my own or imposed?".

None of us is ideal, and the need to become better for any person is quite natural. But if you really take care of your mental comfort and want to develop, it is better to find a good psychotherapist. Not for three days and not even for three months, but it will help you feel myself real, alive. Supports you while you are inappropriate to steer, the point in the pit.

Not necessarily, this path will lead you to a multicolored, mounted by the fires "Internal New York". It may well be that you will arrive in a small one, but your inner town, where it is warm and cozy to you.

Light ways in self-development simply does not happen. Share this text in social networks so that fewer people spend money and spool their lives, trusting the dubious advice of the next gurus.

What consequences lead trainings for men

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