What content to create in Instagram in 2019 to be in trend

In July 2018, it was announced that Instagram Hits 1 Billion Monthly Users were registered in Instagram, Up From 800m in September more than 1 billion users. And this means that each 7th person of the planet has a profile in this social network. Instagram audience grows and ready to accept new bloggers, but it is not easy to stand out in such conditions. To effectively compete in the visual social network, you need to know the main trends in creating content and use them competently.

3D graphics

With the development of VR-technologies, fashion returned to 3D graphics. In this area, the artists like the novel Bratski and Peter Tarka are now very popular. 3D still lifes will be actively used in accounts in 2019. Such elements will definitely attract.


Bloggers are drawing real photos or make independent posts with sketches in all sorts of styles: Flat Art, Dudling, Watercolor Etudes, Comics. Graphics are especially popular in Fashion and Beauty Industry.


Animation diversified content and attracted attention. Making beautiful photos and layouts learned almost all bloggers, profiles became clones each other, but animated images will help stand out.

Realism and bodipositiv

The era of the ideal and always happy people went. No longer fashionable to decorate yourself with filters and "Photoshop". Even in photos of Vogue visible freckles, skin problems, imperfections of the figure.

This topic is not easy, and it is served very aesthetic and restrained.

Victoria’s Secret, Asos, Reebok – All these brands picked up the topic of bodiposive and are not afraid to show real girls, with cellulite, stretch marks and scars.

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This trend came not only in Fashion and Beauty-industry, but also in the interior and subject. The main thing is to create an atmosphere in the picture, pass the emotion and idea.

What content to create in Instagram in 2019 to be in trend

Nostalgia in the 90th

In 2019, in the trend there will be a motive of the 90s: screaming, bright, catchy. Here, for example, as in this style, Instagram accounts Gucci and Prada.


It would seem that minimalism was in the trend in 2017 and 2018. It will not lose relevance and in 2019, only gains more awareness.

Minimalism in Instagram affects business offline. This is what the representative Depositphotphotos said in an interview:

"Amazing, but Instagram formed a global aesthetics. We photographed coffee shops in Kyiv, London, Nairobi and Seoul and did not find significant differences. ".

Ascetic walls, suspended light bulbs, polished tree – this trend originated in Brooklyn and now extends not only at the cafe. Any interior is now designed to look good at Instagram. And this trend will persist in the new year.

If you describe all the trends in a nutshell, then in 2019 in fashion awareness and naturalness. The photocontent should not be exhausted in the "Photoshop", and users will see if you will unnaturally smile and very diligently pose. Be yourself and promote your account in Instagram with pleasure and without excess voltage.

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