What did a person learned, divorced in 22 years

Many believe that early marriages are a mistake that ends badly. And most often such marriages really fall apart, but it does not mean that they were unsuccessful. Here is the life-affirming story of the British, who married in 19 years, and in 22 already divorced. Sea of ​​positive and motivation, especially recommended those who recently broke up with their second half.

I grew up in the UK and when I was 18, went abroad to just relax and get impressions. My friends also traveled, so, without a special purpose, visited Russia, China, Ghana. My sister visited New Zealand, and I went to Australia. And there my life has completely changed.

I fell in love, got married in 19 years and stayed in Sydney. I lived in Australia seven years and spent three of them in marriage with a person who was only 23 when we met. He married me just eight months after we first met at the Sydney Bar.

Now I am 30 years old, and here are 10 things that I understood after the divorce in my 22nd.

1. Errors do not exist

My marriage was an excellent life experience. I am still grateful to my ex-husband for giving me the opportunity to experience all this.

2. Listen to your heart

I do not like the definition of "unsuccessful marriage". My doctor told me that the courage and courage to break the marriage, so it cannot be called unsuccessful. And he is right. In addition, if you do not take into account a somewhat stormy gap, we with a lot of husband had a lot of happy moments.

3. Do not listen to anyone

It is normal – to trust the feelings that are currently, even if the rest say that you are crazy. I am happy from what I did in youth. Now I have excellent life experience, maturity of thinking and interesting stories that can be told.

4. Happy break

Finishing marriage, even if you do not expect it, anyway can be happy. The beginning of a new relationship, even if they seem not as the past, can become exciting and exciting.

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5. Only the present moment

Live in present – you will never know what is preparing you the future.

Now I regret that it was not calmer and relaxed in young years. I regret that I was nervous when my marriage was collapsed and life changed.

6. Do not postpone

Feel when the day has come to say goodbye, and remember that the end is the opportunity to start something else. Do not postpone the inevitable, do it at the right moment.

7. Start easy

You can start re-at any time. I started at 22 when I had no money and relatives near to support me. There was only a blind junior faith, and looking back, I think she was very by the way.

What did a person learned, divorced in 22 years

eight. Risk and award

When you risks, life itself is a reward. Now I am proud that I lived in such a beautiful country for several years. Australia has become some kind of spiritual place for me.

nine. Life lessons

Marriage who did not last long, teaches us to many things and tells us about ourselves. At that time I was spoiled and selfish, I wanted everything to be as it should. Now I even wonder how a former husband suffered me for so long. But it was necessary, because it was my life lessons.

ten. Life is unpredictable

And the last lesson I learned from my marriage:

Life has much more plans on us than those that we understand now.

My early marriage was needed so that I stay in Sydney. A year after we broke up, I met a person who became my second husband and my true love of life.

We celebrated 4 years of living together, after which they left Australia and p Uperhali in Colorado. Then they lived in New York, and lived the way I could not and dream when was young.

I thank the Universe for having met my beloved, and thankful for the fact that my real marriage happened in a mature age when I already knew what I want from a partner and what I can give him.

But at the same time, I understand that this would never happen if it were not for a fateful meeting with my first husband in the Sydney Bar.

What did a person learned, divorced in 22 years

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