What did Grand Theft Auto III speak at one time

Grand Theft Auto III – one of the most important video games in history. It regularly falls into project lists, most of all influenced the industry, and Time magazine even included the 50 Best Video Games of All Time to the top of the best games for all time. GTA III made games in the open world popular, and developers from Rockstar turned into real rock stars. No one would have no such series like Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Just Cause and Red Dead Redemption.

That the game spoke the press

When the game came out in 2001, almost all critics realized that in front of them – a historically important project. Almost no publications that would put GTA III rating less than 9 points out of 10. So, "Game" appreciated Grand Theft AUTO III – Verdict action of 9.5 points out of 10, and AG edition.RU Game Review Grand Theft AUTO III put it with an estimate of 95%.

Reviewers first noted the unprecedented degree of freedom.

Absolute freedom drunk and sometimes makes the most absurd actions: to invade cargo trucks from the parking lot, beat the windows of supermarkets and in the attacks of the inexplicable delight to fall into the sky from a portable grenade.

Despite the magnitude of the city’s dimensions of the city, Rockstar managed to make it reliable. People walk through the streets (and different – depending on the area) and drive cars. Police chasing for criminals, gangs find out relationships. As the Grand Theft Auto III journalist 3DNews, the game developer managed to create a surprisingly detailed picture of a living city.

Also, GTA III surprised the interactivity and number of details: if you shoot down the hydrant, water will be whipped out of it, and an ambulance will arrive at the crumpled person. Many critics drew attention to this: the reviewer of "Game" called for readers "Think creatively, to come up with a" homework ", organize your personal fighter club. And the journalist HonestGamers Praised Grand Theft Auto III (PlayStation 2) Review Developers for the ingenuity and thoughtfulness of the world.

One of the innovations was also a radio. Nine stations, each with a dozen tracks, Advertising, Talking DJs, Talk Show. As written in "Game", "Liberty City – the city of the infinite radio".

Than the game is important for industry

Let GTA III and did not create a genre of action in the open world (even the Legend of Zelda, released 15 years earlier), but the game showed that it can be completely three-dimensional, incredibly realistic and full possibilities.

Prior to that, there were no projects in which it was possible without any restrictions to move on a huge three-dimensional city, to sit in any cars, to joke in fights with passersby, working as a taxi driver or install bombs in cars. For people who are accustomed to fully linear 3D games, Liberty City really was the incarnation of freedom.

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What did Grand Theft Auto III speak at one time

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The novelty was the absence of any transitions between driving and walking: the hero just sat in the car, could stop and go out at any time. It created an additional degree of freedom and allowed to use the car tactically: to hide him from bullets or block the way running enemies.

The full radio in games to GTA III was also not. As it turned out, it works great for immersion, helping players believe in the reality of the shown world. Madness, worked in Liberty City, perfectly combined with madness on local radio. What is worth at least advertising device forcing the person to do physical exercises in a dream with the help of electrical pulses, or medicine that allows not to sleep all day.

In addition, Rockstar Games has popularized the gangster in video games. Now it seems strange, but there were almost no games about criminals, except for the previous parts of the series and DRIVER franchise. Thanks to the GTA III, the topic has become fashionable – appeared, for example, Series True CRIME and Saint’s Row – and remains such to this day. In 2016 alone, Watch Dogs 2 and Just Cause 3 were evident in the open world, the main characters of which constantly violate the law.

Together with the popularity of the gangster topics appeared fashion for more adult plots. GTA III had a rating of 18+, and the developers took advantage of them, not only to show violence, but also to tell the story that would be clear and interesting to adults. Characters have been spelled out of characters, and the main character was committed doubtful in terms of morality.

It was not like the plots common at the time in which the characters were most often divided into good and bad. The protagonist himself acted only on the basis of his interests and did such things that it was impossible to call him a positive hero.

But perhaps, the main achievement of GTA III is that the game gave Rockstar Games confidence in their ideas and forces. After 17 years, the studio has become one of the richest companies in the world and created a lot of games, almost every one of which one way or another influenced the industry. Do not be grand theft auto iii, there would be no that Rockstar, which we know now.

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