What did Tim Cook reached in the post of CEO Apple

Tim Cook raised a small hype with his recent statement. It turned out that people are more important than the sexual orientation of the head of the company than its professional achievements.

We decided to collect some of the information and tell you what success the company reached, thanks to the actions of Tim where.

IPAD mini release

Earlier, we have already figured out that Jobs was involved in the release of iPad mini. Despite the fact that many have expressed themselves about the wrongness of such a decision due to the absorption of sales of one product to others, that’s what Cook said about this:

Cannibalization of sales of one product to others is not a disadvantage, but an advantage that you need to use. Introducing the iPhone, we knew that he would reduce the sale of iPod. Introducing iPad, we knew that he would absorb the share of sales Mac. And we are not afraid.

Work with chinese market

The Chinese market is a huge share of sales of all Apple devices and only with hand the company began to pay close attention to him. Unwinding Jobs admirers, but he never visited Chinese plants and during his management of the company, the conditions for apple devices were much worse.

The company began to listen to the opinions of users

We always loved Apple for the fact that her employees knew us better than we need. It’s good or bad, but now everything has changed. In an example, you can bring a recent situation with the removal of the PCALC Side App Store widget from the App Store. After the developer raised hype in social networks, Apple representatives called him personally and notified the return of the widget in the application store.

Just Had A Phone Call From Apple – Decision Has Been Reversed, No Changes Required to PCalc’s Widget. Thanks to Everybody for their Support!

– James Thomson (@JameSthomson) October 30, 2014

Enhance Johnny Quince

What did Tim Cook reached in the post of CEO Apple

After the death of Steve Jobs, there was no man left, who would have added to each new product final strokes. He had a special vision and difficult to argue with it. Cook made this man Johnny Quince, raising it to the vice-president of design. Also, there were rumors that Scott Forstall and Ive did not get along, so one of them had to leave.

Caring for the environment

At first glance, not worth mentioning. On the second view, it is worth mentioning in the first place! Over the past year, the company almost gone from non-renewable sources of energy. If earlier they accounted for 75%, is now only 35%.

Launching a completely new product – Apple Watch

None of us knows what it’s like to run a completely new product on the market of such a volume that covers Apple. It is too early to make a statement, as Apple Watch is still impossible to buy, but we can say that even if the presentation was quite successful.

You still think that the orientation of Tim Cook – the only reason for which it is worth mentioning?

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