What did you miss, looking at Sherlock in the dubbing

On the night of 15 on January 16, the premiere of the last series of the fourth season of the cult British series "Sherlock". In Russia, he was broadcast on the first channel in a fully dubbed form. And although in general, in our opinion, translators, actors of the voice acting and all other people who worked on localization, coped well with their task, after all, there are several problem points in translation.

We will analyze the most difficult places in the series. These "errors" in translation and errors are difficult to call: some appeared due to the untranshable game of words, and some are due to the differences in the grammar and English languages.

Attention! The article has spoilers, so read further we recommend only those who looked all the released series. If you have not managed to watch the TV series entirely, do it, and then go back.

I am Sherlocked

2nd season, 1st series

Little refresh your memories about the series. Irene Adler appears in this episode. She has a smartphone on which the compromising someone from the members of the Royal Family is kept Super Secret Information.

The smartphone is protected by a four-digit password, which Sherlock is trying to pick up several times. The inscription on the locked screen reads: "I am **** Locked". Sherlock tried and "221b" (address of the house on Baker Street) and other combinations of numbers, but nothing came. However, at the very end of the series, he realized that Iren had feelings for him, so she was not kept and put a password Sher. In full form, it turns out "I am Sherlocked" ("I am underwent" – passive pledge). This is a very witty game of words that cannot be adequately conveyed in our, so localizers simply left in the series original text.

Hat-Man and Robin

2nd season, 1st series

Sherlock becomes very popular thanks to John Watson’s blog. To hide your face from the journalists who are waiting at the door with cameras, he takes the first cap and swallows her on his head. However, journalists still manage to make a successful Sherlock frame in a ridiculous headdress and entitle the article Hat-Man and Robin. This is a reference to Batman and Robin. Localizers decided to leave the phrase without translation.

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2nd season, 3rd series

Moriarty leaves Sherlock a tip of three letters IOU on an apple. Later Sherlock sees the same inscription on the building. IOU – cut from "I OWE You" ("I must"). In our, there is no way to express this idea with the help of three letters.

John Is Quite a Guy!

3rd season, 1st series

In the UK annually celebrate Night Guy Fox. In 1605, Guy Fox tried to blow up the Building of the Westminster Palace during the speech of King Yakov II. About plotting became known, and Guy Foks executed. In the night of Guy Fox, it is customary to launch fireworks and burn the stuffed conspirator.

Such a chucking almost became John Watson. Someone kidnapped him and put it in the foundation of the fire. Sherlock received SMS from the kidnapper with this post: "John Is Quita a Guy". This can be translated as "John – a very good guy" or "From John, a wonderful Guy" (Guy – "Guy", and the name of Guy Fox is also written in the same way). Again the interesting game of words. Translators preferred option is to Ai, probably because in SMS Guy was written with a capital letter.

The other one

3rd Season, third series

Sherlock shot Magnussen, and Mycroft should send his brother a very dangerous mission. When Mycroft says that he should not belong to Sherlock softly just because he is his brother, Maikroft says: "You know what happened to the Other One" ("You know what happened to another / other brother / sister").

Everyone immediately thought Microft talks about the third brother. Translators also thought so, so it was transferred – "Another brother". In the fourth season it turns out that Maikrofte and Sherlock there are not brother, but sister.

What did you miss, looking at Sherlock in the dubbing

The fact is that in English The Other One can be said both about a man and a woman. In our is so impossible, from here.

# 221Beringit!

4th season, 1st series

Sherlock gets the message "# 221BRINGIT!"(" Forward "or" For Business ") that localizers were transferred as" # 2213All!". The original comes in the original address 221b (B – the house hull and the first letter in the word Bring). In the translation letter B replaced the figure 3, which looks like a letter z, but the game of the words was lost.

Lying Detective

4th season, 2nd series

But this is the real spoiler from translators (as if drunk in the network of the final series was little). The name of the The Lying Detective series, depending on the context, can be translated as "lying detective" and "long detective". Sherlock the whole series is under the influence of drugs, and his health is in very bad condition. On the other hand, he also lies the whole series of Watson about his real intentions to catch a serial killer. In our translation, the series is called very unequivocally: "Sherlock at death".


4th season, 2nd series

Sherlock will post on Twitter Photo of Calverton Smith with the signature "He’s a Serial Killer" ("He serial killer").

Smith immediately answered: removed advertising where he eats flakes. Later he approaches the car in which Sherlock and John are sitting, and says: "I am a serial killer, appreciated?". Honestly, it is difficult to rate, if you just don’t know what Cereal (cereal, porridge) and Serial (serial) in English sounds the same. Smith furnished everything as if Sherlock his tweet took part in virus advertising of flakes.

Despite the fact that the translation and voice acting of the first channel are very high-quality, we advise you to watch such a series like "Sherlock", in the original with our subtitles. So the risk of missing some subtlety is minimal.

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