What did you miss, looking at the "game of the throne" in the dubbing

"Game of Thrones" is not only a top series, but also an excellent assistant in learning English.

Of course, it must be viewed in the original, and that’s why.

  1. Several languages, as well as a huge number of accents, dialects and idiologists (idiolt – these are speech features of a separate person) create a pedestrian language picture of seven kingdoms and adjacent territories.
  2. Stylistically speech characters varies very much, and it is obvious: wild and masters say, to put it mildly, in different ways.
  3. It is often impossible to translate "without loss of quality" language game.

Due to such a rich language (by the way, the creators of the series spent a lot of funds for teachers for actors!) The fairy tale about dragons and the living dead looks alive and plausible.

Translated, all this variety is erased: the characters speak on the literary our language (though, with the elements of the surprise).

Before the release of the last season, there is no less than a year, but for now let’s hold the English. And we will help us in this most interesting and vivid expressions from the seventh season.

Cersei: You’re Not TrustWorthy. You’ve Broken Promises to Allies Before and Murdered Them at The Nearest Opportunity. You Murdered Your Own Brother.

Euron: You Should Try It. Feels Wonderful.

Sersi. You can not trust. You violated the promises that gave your allies, and killed them at the first opportunity. You killed your own brother.

Euron. You should try. Excellent feeling.

Word Trustworthy – "Certificate of Trust" – consists of two words: Worth ("Cost") and Trust ("believe"). "Violate Promises" – Break Promises (literally "breaking promises").

Tyrion: White Walkers, The Night King, Army of the Dead, It’s Almost a Relief to Confront A Familiar Monster Like My Sister.

Tyrion. White walkers, the king of the night, the army of the dead … fight with such a familiar monster, like my sister, is almost relief.

Few, in addition to Jame, nourishes warm feelings for the queen, and certainly not Tyrion!

Relief – "relief". Quite often, when the danger turns out to be exaggerated, they say: "What a Relief!"(" What relief!"Or" thank God!"). Also Tyrion, as a witty character, uses a language game: Familiar – This is the "famous, familiar" (SERSEY, though monster, still much clearer to our hero than all these walkers), and "family". In our translation, this, of course, is lost.

Davos: Nothing Fucks You Harder Than Time.

Davos. Nothing beats stronger than the time.

That is why Sir Davos is not afraid that enemies can learn it.

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Tyrion: Your Grace, When I Was Ready to Drink Myself Into A Small Coffin, Lord Varys Told Me About a Queen in the East ..

Tyrion. Your honor when I was ready to prepay the little grudge, Lord Varis told me about the Queen in the East ..

Interesting expression Drink MySelf Into A Coffin Indicates "Estimate to the coffin".

Lyanna Mormont: Winter Is Here, Your Grace. We Need The King In The North in the North.

Lianna Mormont. Winter came, your honor. King of the North we need in the north.

What did you miss, looking at the

Literal translation of the expression King in the North – "King in the north", so the statement Lianna sounds a little funny: "We need a king in the north in the north".

Tyrion: And Sansa, I Hear She’s Alive and Well.

Tyrion: Does She Miss Me Terribly?

Tyrion. And Sansa, I heard she is alive and healthy.

JOHN. This is true.

Tyrion. Terribly misses me?

Tyrion is joking again. Miss Terribly Indicates "terrible (strongly) to miss," but Tyrion makes a touch of literality: he perfectly understands that, to put it mildly, not a handsome man, and their marriage with Sansoy was concluded against her will.

DAVOS: This is gendry.

Davos. This is Jendry.

Of course, it will go: Jendry just finished off two guards! Expression SomeBody /Something WILL do Translated as "suitable", "will come down".

Tormund: I Want to Make Babies with Her. THINK OF THE GREAT BIG MONSTSERS. They’d Conquer The World.

Sandor: How Did a Mad Fucker Like You Live This Long?

Tormund: I’m Good at Killing People.

Tormund. I want to have children from her. Huge monsters. They will conquer the world.

Sandor. How madness like you managed to live so long?

Tormund. I kill people well.

Tormund shares its plans for the future with Sandor, who is clearly not delighted with Baryna (like everything else, however).

Think Of Their Great big monsters – omitted I, but it is clear that Tormund says about itself. Characteristic of speech. This Long – it can be said SO Long, but we are talking about Tormunde, therefore, can be translated as "for as long as you have lived". Be good at (doing) something – Common English expression, which means that a person knows how to do something well: John’s Good At Cooking, Dad’s Good At Soccer.

And what expressions from the "Game of Thrones" liked you most? Write in the comments!

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