What distinguishes champions from ordinary people

It is difficult not to relate skeptically to the book "How Champions Think". Nevertheless, I decided to buy this book on Amazon and read – pretty good reviews made me do it.

But at first I decided to get acquainted with the biography of Bob Rotella . It turns out that he wrote eight bestsellers, taught sports psychology at the University of Virginia and even managed to visit the Lebron James personal psychologist (Lebrong James) . If you squeeze out of the book only the most useful, it will turn out that.

You are your main rival

Rotella believes that the main difference between the champions from the rest is not the ability to put goals, but the ability to achieve them. As an example, you can bring a well-known quote in business:

The idea is worthless. Its implementation is what is important.

And outstanding personalities put goals that, at first glance, it seems impossible. If you are a sales manager and want to increase your commissions, three times, you need to start with the setting. For example, do twice the calls to noon or triple the number of meetings.

Afraid of failures, people put simple goals in the achievement of which they are confident. Rotella does not agree with this – it is better to put an unrealistic goal and fulfill the conceived half than to achieve a simple goal.

Positive attitude more important than you think

In 1954, running experts stated that it was impossible to run a mile in less than four minutes. As a result, the athlets did not even try to do it. And only Roger Bunner (Roger Bannister) hard labor and perseverance was able to refute the words of experts and for the first time in history I ran Mile for 3.59.4 minutes. So he opened his eyes to other runners, proving that impossible maybe. Subsequently, his record was repeatedly beaten.

The author of the book How Champions Think believes that pessimism and failures follow each other. At the same time, optimism will not provide victory. He is akin to faith: you have no confidence that everything will work out, nevertheless it helps to overcome difficulties.

How to become sure

It is believed that confidence comes with a victory. In this case, as each of us can win for the first time?

What distinguishes champions from ordinary people

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Rotella leads to the example of Lebron James. At the start of the career at the basketball player there was a low percentage of three-strokes – 29%. To improve your results, Lebron consulted with many people, in particular with the author of the book.

Rotella advised James to make 400 variations of three-stroke throws every day. With the help of the repetition of the same actions, as well as visualization of their goal, the basketball player was able to improve the percentage of hits in two and a half times.

Habits as a way to come to the goal

If you often lose, it’s pretty difficult to think about future victories. Such a state in psychology is called learned by helplessness. According to Rotella, the thing is in habit. By the way, the psychologist Charles Dahigg also considers the psychologist (Charles Duhigg).

First of all, you need to analyze the habits that relate to your goal. For example, you want to lose weight. The key habit that can stand on the way – overeating. It is difficult to get rid of it, so it’s better to try to replace it with a positive habit. If you are awarded yourself with food for achievements, try to change the reward on something else.

What distinguishes champions from ordinary people

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