What do chiropractors do and whether they will help you

Chiropractic – this is a Chiropractic / NHS type of alternative medicine, in which diseases of the back and full body are treated with the help of manipulations with the spine. This direction created the American healer Daniel Palmer at the end of the XIX century.

Chiropractic can stretch and move muscles and joints, press on them, to go. Typically, the procedure is painless, but some people can cause small discomfort.

Sometimes Ernst E is applied. CHIROPRACTIC: A Critical Evaluation / Journal of Pain and Symptom Management Heat, cold, electricity, and some experts give patients recommendations on the receipt of food additives, lifestyle, weight loss or relaxation techniques.

Officially, the activities of chiropractors are allowed at about half of the world. In Russia and some other countries, it is not regulated in any way. In terms of states, for example in Japan, this type of medicine is prohibited.

What they believe chiropractors

It depends on what camp they belong to: to "straight" or "mixed".

Straight chiropractors

Representatives of this direction remain loyal to the ideas of the founder – Daniel Palmer. Following him, they believe that the spine is a conductor of vitality and most diseases arise because of his subluxy. To detect them, some straight chiropractors are based on personal experience, but X-ray is used more often.

Such healers believe that the right of sublifiers can be treated with a variety of poor up to asthma and impotence.

Palmer defined his method as "Science of Healing without drugs". In his concept, he united the methods of folk fireproofs, ideas about life energy (vitalism) and animal magnetism. Also, the Creator of Chiropractors believed that there is a congenital and universal (divine) mind, and healing occurs by the will of the Higher Forces.

In many ways, therefore, direct chiropractors deny scientific discoveries, call not to be vaccinated and not taken medicine. Some of these specialists do not believe, for example, there is a sympathetic nervous system, and microbes can cause the spread of infections.

Mixed chiropractors

Disappointed in the mystical views of Palmer chiropractors called Ernst E. CHIROPRACTIC: A Critical Evaluation / Journal of Pain and Symptom Management Mixed. They are not trying to heal their patients from everything in the world and are mainly engaged in the diseases of the spine. Mixed chiropractors try to become part of evidence-based medicine, so many of them have completely abandoned the concept of subsidiaries.

Representatives of the mixed camp today are more, but direct chiropractors did not disappear anywhere. This separation exists even at the level of organizations. The first mainly consist in the American Association, and the second – in international.

Why evidence medicine ambiguous refers to chiropractic

Mostly criticism is subject to direct chiropractors for various reasons for Ernst E. CHIROPRACTIC: A Critical Evaluation. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management . This is a lack of evidence, and mystical concepts, forming an approach, and demonstrative scientificness, and especially desire to treat the widest range of diseases.

What do chiropractors do and whether they will help you

How chiropractic works actually and why she can harm

Chiropractic CAN CHIROPRACTIC / NHS help relieve unpleasant feeling in the back. However, ERNST E is not excluded. CHIROPRACTIC: A Critical Evaluation / Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, which will work placebo effect.

At the same time, such a therapy is CHIROPRACTIC / NHS different. If a specialist is trained and does not try to cure all diseases through the spine, the patient may experience a muscle and headache, stiffness of the joints, a sense of fatigue. Usually such symptoms pass in a few days.

However, even non-good manipulations with the spine can WHO Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety in Chiropractic / World Health Organization harm if chiropractic is neakkurata or there are serious contraindications:

  • bone anomalies;
  • dislocation;
  • hernia;
  • sharp fractures;
  • infections and tumors of the musculoskeletal system;
  • arthritis;
  • Cardiovascular disorders;
  • Blood diseases.

Another danger – not to get help in time, hoping on a miraculous specialist.

Also, most chiropractors often use X-ray diagnostics, although it is known that it should be used as less as possible due to harmful radiation.

What should I remember before going to chiropractic

If you want to turn to chiropractic, first weigh everything for and against. Here are some recommendations that will help you do it right:

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