What do developers think about application bandlas in the App Store

After IOS 8 release, the so-called "Bands" appeared in the App Store, which allow the user to purchase in one package to 10 applications of the same developer. Bandles were represented in early June during the WWDC 2014, and now they are quite revived the App Store, which has not changed from 2008.

At the App Store, there was even a special page dedicated to the Bandels, which includes application packages, games and applications for children. Bandl is very easy to detect, because there are several application icons on his icon. Under each icon, the number of programs included in the BDD, as well as their total cost.

The package can include only paid applications of the same developer. Therefore, here you will not find the combined creations EA and Ubisoft, Readdle and Runtastic.

Several developers who have already connected their applications to Bandl, shared their impressions from this App Store innovation. "Bandles have become a real luck for us, they doubled our sales," said Evgeny Kaneko, the company’s coincidence of PIXITE. This is an independent studio located in San Diego California, which creates popular photo editing applications – Fragment, Union and Matter. After the appearance of Bandlov Pixite released its package of 5 applications for $ 7.99 instead of $ 9.95.

Kaneko noted that at first his team perceived the gangs very skeptical. Pixite users accustomed to pay $ 2 for each application, the initial price of $ 8 could easily scare potential buyers. "And I was sure that the gangs will have a significant impact on the sale," added the founder of the company.

Apple now has a great support for already created Bandels, promoting them on a special page, but how long will their success last?

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READDLE was founded in 2007, shortly after the first iPhone appears. At first, her team had only 4 people, and then rummaged to an extensive team of 50 people developing various applications such as PDF Expert or Scanner Pro.

Readdle is one of the most successful apps for the App Store applications, its programs were downloaded over 30 million times worldwide. At the same time, the company is not even in Silicon Valley, but is based in Odessa. After the appearance of iOS 8, Readdle optimized all its applications under it, and three of them included in a separate bandl, which costs $ 19.99 instead of $ 27.

"At least our gangs went well," said Denis Jadanov, ReadDle Marketing Director. And added that the lowering of the cost of 25% has played to the hand to users who have no applications from Readdle until that time.

Mat Pieterson from Shiny Things, located in Australia, said that thanks to the bundles of their sales instantly doubled. His company creates applications for children, such as Quick Math and Quick Clocks, Shiny Party and Shiny Circus.

The head of Sago Sago Jason Krog also said the same, saying that their gangs also went well, increasing profits for the first endowment by 30%. Sago Sago creates applications for kids and preschoolers, the company has already managed to release two Bandla – Sago Mini Starter Pack for $ 4.99 and "Eight of Sago Mini applications" for $ 14.99.

Bandy only played on hand to large companies. In the lists of available packages, you can meet and loved by many Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Rayman.

But users get a big discount at the same time to several applications that complement each other well. And in this case, Readdle is a very good example. In their package "Everything for work" are the three most popular company applications – PDF Expert, Printer Pro and Scanner Pro. And this is a great opportunity to purchase three excellent applications at a reduced price, plunging into the readdle ecosystem, which they developed and improved for many years.

Bandles had an incredible service and Pixite, whose applications allow different interact with photos in different ways. "For us, the gangs mean a lot, our applications work in different ways, but interact well, because everyone is associated with photography," says Evgeny Kaneco. And until now, users buying their individual applications could not estimate this. "Bandles destroy these barriers, and if users will buy all the full versions of the applications, they will be able to feel the fullness of the taste sensations that the wine bouquet or a buffet transfers".

"Bandles gave a big push to such companies as Sago Sago, who tried to create not individual applications, but their whole complex," said Krog. When the parents of the child notice that the application liked them of their chad, they try to immediately acquire another application of the same manufacturer. Bands of such companies will be very successful.

What do developers think about application bandlas in the App Store

Some applications in Bandel will be considered by users as additional, and some of them want to purchase, simply because you like the products of this company. But the bandlov has one more feature: they raise old applications to the top, which many have already managed to forget.

Thanks to the "Add Pack" function, you will not need to re-acquire applications from the bandla if they have ever been bought by you. Just you can get this package at a reduced price.

"Each application we produced was more successful than the previous one," says Krog. But at the same time he added that most of their users still learned about them only lately and, therefore, they did not notice their old work. Despite the fact that Apple makes it possible to get acquainted in the App Store with all the works of the same developer, most users do not know how to do it. Bands can help resolve this problem and allow them to acquire other products of a loved company.

Pierterson noted that he believes, "Based on the first injections that Bandles will become a fantastic opportunity for profit from applications for a very long period". And if the company Shiny Things bought a Quick Clocks application 10-15 times a day, now the figure has increased to 150 downloads.

But at the same time, the function "add package" is still not working without error. Sometimes cheaper to buy the last application from the Bandla separately. Jadanov said that even he needed to pay $ 1.02 to complement his bowl, despite the fact that he had all of the proposed Readdle applications.

"It would be nice if instead of a reduced price for the entire package, a reduced cost for each of the applications presented was shown," said Peterson. But still the developers positively consider the "Add Pack" function. In the future, she will be able to help all: users – save money, and developers – more earn more.

While the gangs are limited to a certain framework, although many independent developers would be conveniently combined with each other to create wonderful gangs. Alas, while they have no such opportunity. In addition, in the gangs you can not add freemium applications, which also limits some companies.

Among the positive sides of the Kaneko’s Bandlov noted the ease of their creation and profits from many applications in the long run. Only the question remains how long the Bandles will play on the hand of companies? How soon applications from Readdle or Pixite will leave the page in the App Store and will not be so popular? This page will constantly update or contain the same packages, and whether the editorial choice will appear in this section?

It is still too early to talk about it. Now the gangs only add popularity to applications in them and have a positive effect on company revenues.

What do developers think about application bandlas in the App Store

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