What do men and women need to have a beautiful body

When a man goes to the gym for the first time, he will choose, most likely, workout with weights, because a man should be strong. When a woman visits the hall for the first time, she thinks about aerobics, because a woman should be graceful. But there is another reason why many men develop power, and women flexibility.

Everything is simple: we go along the path of least resistance and do that we have better. This is fine. The difference between amateur sports from professional consists in obtaining pleasure and improving the body, and not overcoming oneself through pain. But still you need to work on the whole body.

Development of flexibility for men

When a young man appears in the hall, he devotes a warm-up of no more than five minutes. And vain.

Before training you need to warm up 10-15 minutes, conditionally to the first sweat.

Dynamic Stretching (Stretching) must be performed at the beginning of a workout, static – at the end of Experience in Resistance Training Does Not Prevent Reduction in Muscle Strength Evoked by Passive Stretic Stretching. . These are the capital truths that are remembered, unfortunately, not all.

It is believed that bodybuilder is a bad muscle mountain. This stereotype has a justification. During heavy training, constantly cutting muscles become thicker and short. Professionals know this, so special attention is paid to the development of flexibility, not limited to a stretching. Famous example – eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, who can sit on a twine.

Stretching, yoga and other techniques to increase the flexibility of muscles and joints reduce the risk of injury, improve posture and mobility and have a positive effect on the strengths.

Even if you do not engage in heavy athletics, flexibility exercises can prevent injury in domestic situations, for example, if you slip.

Power exercises for women

Still popular stereotype that female power sports is not needed. Arguments are somewhat: the bench rod leads to complications during childbirth, a woman loses his femininity.

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What do men and women need to have a beautiful body

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Because of the physiological features, the female body is not inclined to build muscle mass. On average, the female body contains more fat than in the men’s. Therefore, to increase muscle mass, a woman has to apply more effort.

Due to the smaller testosterone in the body and the slower metabolism, the female body is inclined to accumulate energy in the form of fat, and not burn it. muscle mass grows slowly, so the opinion that a woman will become a mountain of muscles without the use of hormones, wrongly.

But, on the other hand, the female hormone estrogen helps the muscles to recover faster and prevents the loss of muscle mass. Estrogen also resists the damaging protein hormone cortisol in women, testosterone in men BioSignature review: Are hormones the key to weight loss. .

Due to the different ratio of muscle mass to body mass in men and women, a woman is unlikely to be pumped up so that the body has become a V-shape. Known American fitness model Elena Abba proves it by example.

Strength training will not turn a woman into a man. Relief beauties bodyfitness – the result of preparation and drying organism. After the competition, even professional women in sharp angular forms are rapidly gaining womanly roundness.

Power exercises will provide a more harmonious body structure, the muscles of the body will strengthen the muscles, prevent the spine curvature and will help develop the endurance necessary for all types of workouts.

What do men and women need to have a beautiful body

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