What do the selection of nipples say

The female breast in the structure resembles a bunch of grapes, where the berries are alveoli, producing milk, and twigs – the ducts by which it is going and follows from the nipples. The cells of the inner layer of glands are gradually updated throughout life, and with a small amount of intercellular fluid outward. So normal transparent releases appear, sometimes with a yellow or brown tint. They can be seen, pressing on the nipple.

But the main function of the breast is feeding a child. Preparation for this begins during pregnancy. When pressing on the chest, a sticky fluid may appear, which after childbirth will change with milk. Lactation continues for 1-2 years after the birth of a baby, the rest of the time the chest is at rest.

It is also not dangerous if the woman stopped feeding the child with breasts, and after 3-6 months, milk appeared from the nipples: such a state can be saved by Nipple Discharge up to 2-3 years.

What are the discharge from the nipples about diseases

Different discharges of Nipple Discharge from nipples can be a sign of pathology, and both women and men.


Sometimes dairy drops flow out of the nipples, although the woman is not pregnant and she has no baby baby. In this case, the selection is associated with the increase in the level of prolactin in the blood. It is actively produced after childbirth in the pituitary, small brain gland. The rest of the women and men have a minimal hormone concentration. Enhancement of synthesis can occur Nipple Discharge with pituitary tumors, hypothyroidism or under the influence of certain drugs Galactorrhea, Galactorrhea:


  • antidepressants;
  • high pressure agents;
  • cannabioids;
  • opiates;
  • Prokinetics.
What do the selection of nipples say


Blood or brown sticky liquid most often appear with intra-prototype papilloma, fibrous-cystic mastopathy FibroCystic Breasts, injury or breast cancer. The older woman, the higher the likelihood that such allocations are associated with oncology.

By the way, men’s breast cancer also happens for breast cancer, although much less often than women. Symptoms at the same time.


If the chest appears in the chest of inflammation, blood leukocytes, bacteria are joined to dead cells, the selection becomes yellow-green. This happens when mastitis is mastitis or when the tumor suppuration. At the same time, the iron blushes, swells and hurts much. The disease is usually developing on one side – or on the left, or on the right.

Black or green

About pathology says a thick black or green liquid, while the nipples are drawn inward, and the chest hurts and blushes. These are the symptoms of Mammary Duct Ectasia Extasation of Milky Duch.

What to do if there are allocations from nipples

If you are a woman and do not feed the breast or if you are a man, any selection should be a reason to turn to a mammologist. Without consultation, the doctor can not be determined, this is an option of norms or pathology.

For diagnostics use the following methods:

  • Cytological smear. On the glass squeeze a drop from a nipple and sent for analysis. Laboratoryand can detect tumor cells and assume cancer.
  • Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Women With Pathological Nipple Discharge Breast. Quickly and safely helps determine the expansion of ducts or papillas in them, tumor.
  • Mammography mammogram . X-ray method recommended for women after 40 years. Pictures informative for breast cancer diagnosis.
  • Dactography. A thin catheter is introduced into the nipple, and on it a special solution for contrast. After that, take a picture on which the papillomas or expansion of the ducts are clearly visible.
  • Breast Biopsy biopsy . It is carried out if a node will detect on an ultrasound or mammography. The doctor using ultrasound controls the position of the neoplasm and a thin needle takes a sample of fabrics from it.
  • CT or MRI Galactorrhea: Diagnosis and Tests Brain. The survey is necessary for women and men with dairy discharge to explore the state of the pituitary.
  • Blood test for hormones. Assign if the doctor suspects that a patient has hypothyroidism or other endocrine disorders.

How to get rid of seals from nipples

The treatment method depends on the cause, and the doctor must choose. In some cases prescribe medications. For example, with hypothyroidism or elevated level of prolactin Galactorrhea: Management and Treatment need drugs affecting hormone production. But if the secretion of milk is associated with the pituitary tumor, the mammologist will send a patient to the neurosurgeon. He will decide whether the operation is needed.

If the reason for the selection of mastitis, intrapritic papilloma or cancer BREAST CANCER: MANAGEMENT AND TREATMENT Breast, surgical treatment is necessary.

With the Mammary DUCT ECTASIA Milky Duch, first prescribe antibiotics and other medicines, and if it does not help – make an operation.

What do the selection of nipples say

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