What does the lack of sleep

How many hours of sleep on average need a person in order to really relax? The number of hours ranges from 6 to 8 per day – this time should be quite enough to ensure that the person can work further, without harming for his health. But if you constantly do not sleep, it is fraught with serious consequences, ranging from light neurosis and the risk of the appearance of extra centimeters on the waist, and ending with more serious problems – heart disease and increased risk to earn sugar diabetes.

Unpleasant symptoms may appear after the first night of lacking. What else threatens a bad dream? Huffington Post decided to figure it out in more detail.

Some ingenious people sleep was practically not needed, and they did not suffer without his absence. For example, Leonardo da Vinci was just 1.5-2 hours sleep per day, Nikola Tesla – 2-3 hours, Napoleon Bonaparte slept with intervals in the amount of about 4 hours. How many can you pick yourself up to genius and believe that if you sleep 4 hours a day, you have time to do much more, but your body can not agree with you, and after a few days of torment will begin to sabotage your work, you want it or not.


What happens to the body after one day of lacking

You start to overeat. So, if you have little or badly slept at least one night, you feel more hungry than after standard sleep. Studies have shown that the lack of sleep provokes appetite, as well as the choice of more calories, with an increased carbohydrate content, and not entirely healthy products.

Worsters attention. Because of drowsiness you deteriorating attentiveness and reaction, and this in turn can lead to emergency situations on the road or at work (if you work with your hands or a doctor or a driver, which is even worse). If you sleep 6 hours or less, the risk of accidents on the road with your participation increased threefold.

Deteriorating appearance. Black eyes after a bad dream – not the best decoration. Sleep is not only useful for your brain, but also for your appearance. A small study in the journal SLEEP, published last year, found that those who sleep less people seem to be less attractive. A study conducted in Sweden, have also shown a link between the rapid aging of the skin and the lack of normal sleep.

Increased risk of catching colds. Restful sleep is one of the building blocks of the immune system. A study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University found that sleep less than 7 hours a day increases your risk of getting three times. Moreover, Mayo Clinic experts explain that during sleep, the body produces special proteins – cytokines. Some of them help to maintain a deep sleep, and the level of some of the need to increase protection of the body when you have an infection or inflammation, or when you’re stressed. As a result of not getting enough sleep develop these protective cytokines is reduced and you are sick for longer.

You run the risk of brain microdamages. A recent small study with fifteen men and published in the same journal SLEEP, showed that even after one night of sleep deprivation brain loses some of its tissue. It can be detected by measuring the levels of the two molecules in the blood, increase which usually signals that the brain has been damaged.

Of course, this is just a small study with fifteen men – not such a large sample. But how can you be sure that you will not touch it?

You become more emotional. And not for the better. According to research conducted in 2007 in Harvard’s medical schools and Berkeley, if you sleep a little, the emotional zones of the brain becomes reactive by more than 60%, that is, you become more emotional, irritable and explosive. The fact is that without a sufficient amount of sleep, our brain switches to more primitive forms of activity and is not able to manage emotions normally.

You may have problems with memory and concentration. Problems with care problems with memory and concentration. It is hard to concentrate on the completion of the tasks, and also worsens the memory, since sleep is involved in the memory consolidation process. So, if you sleep a little, the memorization of a new material will be given to you more and more difficult (depending on the neglence of your situation).

What happens to the body if you sleep a little in the long run

Suppose you have an exam or urgent project, and you just need to reduce the amount of your sleep to a minimum to have all. It is permissible in short intervals, just try not to get behind the wheel and warn everyone in advance, which is very tired and you can react a little inadequately, in the emotional plan. After passing the exam or end of the project, you will rest, sleep and return your former shape again.

But if your work does so that the standard time of your sleep out of 7-8 hours decreased to 4-5, you should seriously think about changing either approach to work, or the work itself, since the consequences of a constant lack of sleep are much more sad, The simple nervousness or bruises under the eyes. The longer you support such an unhealthy mode, the higher the price that your body will pay for it.

What does the lack of sleep

Risk of a stroke. Studies published in the SLEEP magazine in 2012 showed that the lack of sleep (less than 6 hours of sleep) for older people increases the risk of obtaining a stroke 4 times.

Increases the risk of earning obesity. Simple overeating due to a lack of sleep for one or two days – it’s just flowers compared to the fact that you can happen if constant lack of sleep will be your standard mode. As mentioned in the previous section, the lack of sleep provokes an increase in appetite and, of course, leads to constant night snacks. All this together is transformed into extra kilograms.

The likelihood of certain types of cancer increases. Of course, he will not appear simply because you sleep a little. But bad sleep can provoke the appearance of precancerous formations. So, as a result of a study conducted among 1240 participants (a colonoscopy was conducted), in those who slept for less than 6 hours a day by 50% increases the risk of colorectal adenoma, which eventually can turn into malignant education.

Increases the likelihood of diabetes. In the course of the study conducted in 2013 the Center for the Control and Prevention of Diseases, it was revealed that too small (and too large!) The amount of sleep is associated with an increase in the risk of many chronic diseases, including diabetes mellitus. This is due to the fact that lack of sleep, on the one hand, leads to the risk of obesity, and on the other – the sensitivity to insulin decreases.

Risk of heart disease increases. Harvard Health Publications reports that chronic lack of sleep is associated with elevated blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart failure and infarction. Studies conducted in 2011 in the Warwick Medical School found that if you sleep less than 6 hours a day and a dream passes with violations, you get a “bonus” in the form of a 48% probability to die from heart disease and 15% – from stroke. Looking late or until the morning for a long period – this is a slowdown bomb!

The amount of spermatozoa is reduced. This item concerns those who still want to know the happiness of the paternity, but so far she is postponed, since it is engaged in the accumulation of inheritance. In 2013, in Denmark, among the 953 young men, a study was conducted during which it turned out that in guys with sleep disorders, the concentration of spermatozoa in sperm is 29% less than those who calmly sleeps standard 7-8 hours a day.

Risk of premature death increases. Research, during which, for 10-14 years, 1741 men and women were estimated, showed that men who slept less than 6 hours a day, increase their chances to die prematurely.

All these were data obtained during research. But, as we know, in our controversial world, research data can be absolutely opposite. Today we can read about the fact that new magic pills will save us from all diseases, and tomorrow can already be released that other studies have shown absolutely opposite results.

You can believe or not believe in long-term perspectives of constant lathes, but you cannot deny the fact that if you sleep a little, then you become irritable and inattentive, poorly remember the information and it is even scary to look into the mirror. So let’s spare yourself and sleep at least 6 hours a day for yourself, your loved one, at least in the short term.


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