What does the most fashionable pedicure of 2019 look like

The effect of naked, merging with the color of the nail skin – one of the main trends of this season. Choose a matte varnish or use a matting coating – in this form, a nude pedicure looks more natural.

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2. Live coral

The color of the year according to Pantone, itself, relevant and as a base for pedicure. Coral shades close to coral shades – orange and saturated-pink. They can be served in Ombre technique – with a smooth transition from one color to another.

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3. Deep blue

Another Mast Hav season. Deep blue in all variety of shades – from a calming sea to a piercing electrician – perfect tone for summer-2019. It is good and in mono-fulfillment, and as a basis for design.

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4. Mirror black

If matte shades last season were popular, gloss played in this the main violin. In a mirror version, black color is not crowded at all. And if you still want to add raisins, do it with gold or silver rhinestones or stones.

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5. Shoe color

Review sandals, sandals and boats with an open toe who are planning to wear this summer. Single nail coating by varnish, combined with the color of shoes, is the perfect solution for every day.

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6 fashionable pedicure designs 2019

1. Fish Schee

Squeezed to sea freshness and romantic stories about the mermaid – what is needed by hot summer. "Czech fish" can be combined with images of seashells, waves and other marine patterns. Also such a design looks good under the glytters – they give sparkling.

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2. Floral design

Just and at the same time charming. Apply on the nails, the lacquer base of deep saturated color (red, dark pink, burgundy, blue), and then decorate one or more nails with a contrast image of a large flower.

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3. Glitters and rhinestones

What does the most fashionable pedicure of 2019 look like

Glitter – that’s what can make a fashionable any coating. Therefore, in the pedicure of 2019, lacquer with brilliant particles or glitters of different sizes and shades, as well as design with rhinestones and stones.

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4. Reverse Franch

Ordinary French pedicure emphasizes the top edge of the nail. Reverse Franch focuses on the bottom. Highlight Crescents at the bottom of the nail to a contrasting color in relation to the main one or lay out this part by rhinestones.

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5. Bocho-Shik

Modern fashion loves sarcasm and easily neglects decency. So deliberately luxurious "Gypsy" style boho-chic this season is more than ever in a jet. Do not be afraid to overdo the gold coating, rich thick glitters and sparkling rhinestones and pebbles.

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6. Bright palette

Rainbow overflows, bright drawings, Fucking stickers, own design for each nail – the more noticeable and causing pedicure, the most relevant. Play with juicy shades and contrast images.

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