What does the teeth harm and how to keep their health on holidays

Before and during the holidays the number of cigarettes smokey may increase. At the end of the year, the final reports are collapsed on many, the work is growing, the hand itself reaches to the cigarette. As a result, the teeth are subjected to a reinforced nicotine attack. And during the celebration of the New Year, smokers often retire in their close company to smoke a cigarette-other.

What to do

If it does not work with a volitional effort to reduce or leave at the same level the number of cigarettes smoked, it is worth paying special attention to professional hygiene in the dentist’s office. Otherwise, teeth can be given a unpleasant surprise during long weekends.

2. Alcohol

Provoking dehydration, alcohol contributes to lower saliva production, which has antibacterial properties and washes off from the teeth. Alcohol displays vitamins and useful minerals from the body, including the necessary calcium teeth. Acids destroy enamel, and dyes leave spots on it.

Even worse, it is necessary to give alcohol: alcohol causes the bleeding that over time leads to diseases.

Separately, it is worth mentioning champagne. Due to carbon dioxide, it is not only fun plays bubbles, but also crashes the enamel of the teeth and increases their sensitivity.

What to do

In order not to affect the unearthly damage, after the party do not be lazy and thoroughly clean your teeth. In the morning, it also needs to repeat all the procedures with pasta, brush, rinse and dental thread (floss). If there is no thread, it can be replaced with an irrigator – a home appliance for removing the climb and residues between the teeth.

3. Neglect of hygiene

It is no secret that many forget about hygiene not only before the rapid meeting of the new year, but in the morning after it. Of course, after a sleepless night, most dreams only to fall into bed and forget sleep. But only imagine that you create with your teeth alcohol, nicotine, sugar and food residues! But many dentistry do not work until January 3-4.

What to do

If you do not want to wake up with acute toothache, do not forget to clean the teeth and the brush.

4. Sharp contrast of cold and hot food

On the tables in the new year there are many dishes. Sometimes immediately for something burning hot follows something very cold. And no matter, food is or drink.

Similar temperature differences – one of the most harmful effects on the teeth. Because of this, the enamel of the teeth expands, microcracks appear in it. Bacteria penetrate them, ridiculous firm and sweet festive dishes. Under the influence of the bacteria, the cracks grow, enamel is destroyed, caries appears.

What to do

The method of struggle is simple – not to combine hot with cold. For example, instead of hot coffee, drink ice cream cool and unsweetened drink.

5. Carbonated drinks

Dentists are losing the EPOS on the dangers of soda. It is very sweet: the standard glass of pepsy or coca-cola accounts for 5-6 tablespoons of sugar, which is extremely destructive effect on the teeth. It pulls out calcium and vitamins of group B, which are necessary for digesting sugar and assimilation by its organism.

There is an orthophosphoric acid in gas. She needs dentists to move the enamel of the tooth where the seal will be put. Micropores arising due to orthophosphoric acid allow the binder glue to attach a filling to the surface of the tooth.

But the dentist handles a tiny teeth for 5-6 seconds. Drinking a bottle of soda, we expose the long-term exposure to the whole teeth. As a result, the enamel turns into a microporous sponge, open for bacteria.

What to do

Do not combine gas production with sweet, fatty or rich starch or food acids. Drink such drinks need strictly through the tube and in moderate quantity.

What does the teeth harm and how to keep their health on holidays

6. Festive food

Almost everything we prepare for the new year – poison for our teeth. The exception is except for the bunch of greenery and lettuce leaves.

Salads meet potatoes, mayonnaise, sausages and canned fish. Potato starch, decomposing on simple sugar under the action of saliva, creates a nutrient medium for bacteria. Acetic acid and preservatives, which are contained in mayonnaise and canned, destroy enamel. In sausages there are gelatin, starch or hydrocolloids – analogue of glue for wallpaper.

Fibers of meat, birds and fish are firmly stuck in interdental intervals, feeding the pathogeful microflora. Marinated cucumbers, pickles, sauces corrosive enamel due to the content of acetic acid and other acids, sugar and preservatives.

Citrus, fruits and berries are rich in acids and coloring substances. They not only destroy enamel, but also paint it. About sweets and nothing to say. As for drinks, caffeine is not worse than alcohol provokes dehydration. In general, there is nothing but nothing.

What to do

It is reasonable to approach the compilation of the New Year’s menu: to combine familiar dishes with light vegetable salads, boiled meat, bird, fish, chill, serve homemade sauces based on sour cream and cream. Moderation in food and drink plus hygiene at night – and your teeth are saved.

7. New Year’s extreme

Lyachy opening of bottles of teeth may end in traumatology and treatment at the dentist. In the worst case, you wait for the removal of the tooth and sewing the gums. Do not also turn out the teeth shells of nuts.

With caution you need to blow up fireworks, Roman candles and other pyrotechnics. Face injuries with careless handling of it may not just spoil the holiday, but also lead to crying consequences.

If you go to the rink, before this it is better not to drink anything hot for courage – a blow to the ice when falling can not only break the bones, but also knock your teeth.

What to do

Be careful. Do not try to use your teeth not by appointment. Open the corkscrew bottles, contact pyrotechnics strictly according to the instructions and try to drink less alcohol with active leisure.

What does the teeth harm and how to keep their health on holidays

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