What does your honesty depends on

Recently, scientists tried to find out in which countries the children have a strong sense of justice. In the experiment, several hundred guys aged 4 to 15 years. Extensive regions were USA, Canada, India, Mexico, Peru, Senegal and Uganda. The experiment itself was very simple: between the children we divided candy so that someone got more, and someone – less. But the results turned out to be unexpected. Of course, almost all the children were worried if there were fewer sweets, but only representatives of Canada, the United States and Uganda were disagree with injustice in relation to others. And that’s what’s interesting: the subjects gave themselves the report in what is fair, and what – no. It turns out that not only close and friends affect children, but all their fellow citizens.

As other research shows, there is a connection between the behavior of adults and their place of residence. Experiment of the team of researchers from the University of East England (University of East Anglia) was tied to the monetary remuneration. First, the participants were offered to guess that it would fall: eagle or rush, and then – to participate in a music quiz, and to look for information on the Internet forbidden. For the right answers relied small amounts in solid American currency.

It turned out that the dishonesty is peculiar to residents of all participating in the experiment of countries, and this is Brazil, China, Greece, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Argentina, Denmark, United Kingdom, India, Portugal, South Africa and South Korea. However, the connection of the “dishonesty” of the country and the low level of income of its inhabitants was visible by the naked eye. The most honest was the British. Turks, Hindus and Chinese showed the greatest percentage of deceptions.

What does your honesty depends on

Of course, we can say that everything is in income. But the American and German psychologists published in Nature work showing that the observance of ethical norms by each member of society is primarily on the level of development of this society. In the experiment, 2,568 young people from 20 countries of the world took part in the experiment using the “Runer violation coefficient”, among which Vietnam, China, Morocco, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Sweden and many others (for some reason, were found in Russia, Probably because of the unknown mentality). It turned out that the honesty of a separate person is higher in those countries where the level of corruption is low, and the population does not shy away from paying taxes.

It seems that it is an excellent reason to emigrate into more prosperous countries. After all, what can be more important than our children? In a low level of corruption, they will be able to get better education and become better than we. True, it is necessary to consider that visitors are quite capable of changing the realities of even the most prosperous country with a honest and happy population. So, maybe it is better to start changing myself and the world around you?


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