What don’t you have enough to increase motivation

When you think about raising motivation, you most likely come to the mind the whit and gingerbread method comes. And if you set the goal of resetting overweight, then you, of course, it seems that the problem is gingerbread. You come to a logical conclusion: you lack discipline, you cannot control ourselves. So you are ready to pay for the coach to peak you in the gym. If it is not possible to get up at 6 am and go on a run, maybe at least the coach will make it take for yourself.

But, if neither paradoxically, no coach will not judge you so strictly like you yourself. It doesn’t matter what you did: I postponed the alarm signal in the morning several times, they missed the workout or tightly stuck before bedtime. You will still be upset and you will blame yourself. You doubt that you generally have the power of will. Maybe you are doomed to an unhealthy lifestyle and death from our own bad habits? Maybe lazy you in the genes and nothing can be done? Such thoughts are very much affected by motivation.

For some reason, it is believed that people leading a healthy lifestyle possess the Iron Will. That they get up early in the morning and go to the gym, no matter what. As if they are constantly mocked by themselves and from this get better than simple mortals.

Why is it just a myth

Research Psychologists Self-Compassion, Affect, and Health-Promoting Behaviors. They confirmed that people who support a healthy lifestyle differ at all not a tremendous effort of will, and more developed ability to self-promoting Self-Compassion, Self-Regulation, and Health .

Instead of rolling yourself for some misses, they wonder what can be changed in their behavior. Instead of telling yourself: "We had to make yourself crawled out of bed early and go to do," they say: "I was very tired yesterday and because I slept in the morning. We must go to bed today before.

What don't you have enough to increase motivation

Such a way of thinking helps soberly look at the situation without being distracted by emotions.

Try the next time not to condemn yourself, but to create all the conditions to achieve the desired result. After all, if your child would be in such a situation, or a friend, didn’t you feel, would not try to help?

Treat compassion not only to others, but also to yourself. It’s not just that you deserve it. This is also the surest way to solve the problem of motivation.

What don't you have enough to increase motivation

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