What eggs are more profitable to buy

You are in the store or supermarket. In the list of shopping there are eggs. In front of you on the shelves, as usual, the three most common categories of chicken eggs: the second category of the table is the cheapest; The first category of the table is somewhat more expensive; Selective table egg – even more expensive. Other categories we meet less often and far from everywhere. Do not take them into account.

Attention to the question: which category is most advantageous to buy eggs? We all checked out, everything felt and now share with you the findings.

State Standard and Reality

egg grading categories governed by the relevant State Standards. Determining the category parameter is the mass of the egg (the sixth page of the document via the link).

  • The second category: 45-54,9 g.
  • The first category: 55-64,9 g.
  • Choice: 65-74,9 g.

However, it is the norm. whether it is observed in practice? Often you hear the words of the older people in the style of "here and cheat, sell second grade as a Picking". We went to the store and made test purchases. A dozen eggs each category.

With culinary scales we weighed eggs each category.

The results of the second category:

Total weight was 509 grams of a dozen, that is an average of one egg weighs 50.9 grams. It’s almost the middle of the standards GOST. Everything is fine.

Total weight was 595 grams of a dozen. The average weight of an egg – 59.5 grams. Again the middle of norms. Things are good.

Total weight was 665 grams of a dozen. The average weight of an egg – 66.5 grams. Hmmm ..

According to GOST minimum mass of selected eggs may be 65 grams. It turns out that in practice we inherited ten-picking is actually on the lower limit of normal. More 1.5 grams, and could ask questions of the poultry farm.

Ideally, one should be selective egg weigh an average of 70 grams. With this ten-picking, we sustained a loss of about 35 grams of the product.


We now turn to the financial side. Our average price shopping for eggs is as follows:

What eggs are more profitable to buy
  • The second category: 53 rubles per dozen.
  • The first category: $ 59 per dozen.
  • Choice: $ 63 per dozen.

To begin, we calculate the price of 1 gram of eggs in each category.

  • The second category: 53 = 0.1041 ÷ 509 rubles per gram.
  • First category: 59 = 0.0992 ÷ 595 rubles per gram.
  • Choice: 63 ÷ 665 = 0.0947 ruble per gram.

As you can see, gram eggs cheapest choice, but very often, people try to save money and take the second category of eggs, because they seem to cheapest. In fact it is more profitable to take a selection. Let it be more expensive, but according to the ratio of the mass of the product, the selection is most profitable.

Now let’s spend the recalculation in a more visual form. We will learn on the second category. Denote by the average actual mass of the eggs of the second category as x.

Then the average actual mass of the eggs of the first category relative to the second will be 59.5 ÷ 50.6 = 1.17x. So, the price of the top ten should be 1.17 × 53 = 62.01 rubles. But in practice, dozens of these eggs costs only $ 59.

The average actual mass of the selected egg relative to the second category is 66.5 ÷ 50.6 = 1.3x. So the price for a dozen should be 1.3 × 53 = 68.9 dollars. And in practice only 63 rubles.


It turns out that by buying a selection instead of the second category, we save 68.9 – 63 = 5.9 rubles from each tent of the eggs.

I am engaged in power sports, and it is important for me to carry out the daily protein rate, which, by the way, is at least 1.7 grams per kilogram of body mass per day. With this calculation, even 10 eaten eggs per day do not solve the problem of the lack of protein, and therefore the more one egg, the better.

Let’s see how much I save, if I bought a dozen selected eggs every day during the year, instead of the second category.

5.9 × 365 = 2 153.5 ruble savings per year. Not bad!

Once again about the damage of eggs

Modern studies have unconditionally refuted the connection between the consumption of eggs (as well as other animal fats and cholesterol saturated by animals) and an increase in harmful cholesterol in the blood. It turned out that the protein contained in the eggs, on the contrary, helps to establish a cholesterol transport process in the body and avoid the formation of plaques and blood clots. In fact, the lack of protein in the diet is much more terrible than the reasonable exceeding the number of saturated fats. Our article "With Yellow or without? How are there eggs "tell you the whole truth about eggs.

What eggs are more profitable to buy

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