What emotions are to blame in your financial problems

Now it is very easy to find information about finance management ways. You will explain in detail how to invest money, how to plan costs for the week, month, year and all that. But it does not mean at all that you will immediately become economical.

All Rainbow Dreams of Personal Finance, which from now on will be sent only to the right track, may break about emotional blocks and other features of your psyche. People often do not even realize how much their emotions are connected with money, and the awareness of such bindings is the first step towards getting rid of them.

So, here are psychological factors that pull money from your budget.

Family curse

Attitude to the world, morality, behavior standards and, of course, laid in childhood. The way in your family was treated for money, was very much influenced by your relations with finance.

For example, if conversations about money every time led to scandals or simply strained enough, it could leave a negative imprint.

Such a person, for example, may experience stress whenever he has to plan his expenses, so he prefers to let everything in self-shot. At the same time, it does not matter how high its income: the fear of conflicts and the quarrel, jested after years, will cause it to abstract from any financial planning.

What to do

Remember how in your family treated money, expense planning that parents were told, what convictions could be because of this and what emotions are you experiencing when planning now? Perhaps the roots of your problems lies precisely in childhood.

Money as a medicine from spiritual pain

Money, like the food, is often used as a very temporary painkiller with sincere wounds. Many people walk unpleasant emotions, and someone uses money for the same goals, buying unnecessary things, only to feel comfortable.

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It can be expensive things that give a feeling of their own superiority, temporary emotional rise, which, however, is very quickly passed, leaving the feeling of guilt for pasty money.

What to do

When you want to buy something unplanned, try to mark your emotional state. If at this moment you are upset and feel the insignificance, most likely, your purchases are needed only to remove stress and feel better.

Under the control of the offense

Money and insult often go hand in hand. It so happened that money in our society is a serious assertive agent. If a person grew up in the family, where there was always missing money, or he felt that he did not give so much money as he deserves, could have been a total resentment for money and all situations that were connected with them.

From the insult, as you know, nothing good will never be. For example: resentment in relationships always brakes them, killing the whole positive. The same thing happens with money: resentment associated with money, prevents useful financial habits.

What to do

Remember whether you have any resentment related to money. If any, it is worth reconsidering your attitude to them. Even if there was a real injustice, the insult prevents you and anyone more.

What emotions are to blame in your financial problems

Money – the expression of love

This is one of the mistakes that can destroy not only your financial well-being, but also a relationship.

If you think love is measured by money that you spend on a person, this is a serious problem. The actual expression of love and care is replaced by money, senseless expensive gifts.

Of course, gifts are an integral part of the relationship, but the amounts that you spend on them must meet your financial position. In other words, if you spend the latest money on expensive gifts, which can not actually afford, this is not an expression of love for a person, but an attempt to assert and put yourself to those who you are not.

In addition, if your beloved, seeing the real state of affairs, allows you to make such gifts, it is worth thinking about his real feelings.

What to do

Gifts are wonderful, but there are many other ways to express love and affection. Try replacing expensive gifts for no less valuable care and attention, especially if you have serious financial problems.

Communication of emotions and money

Think how your past money handling experience affects thoughts, actions and habits related to finance? What habits and patterns of behavior have you formed and what emotions to this influenced?

If you think about it, you will surely find something interesting. And you should not postpone: investigate your emotions about the money no less important than to decide where to invest and how to form your budget.

Remember: emotions manage our lives and have a nasty property to destroy all positive endeavors if there is no positive attitude. So, before developing your plan for pumping a financial situation, deal with your emotions.

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