What errors most often allow those who meditate

You have 12 hours every day, and you still do not find time for meditation? Sorry but you lose a lot. In this material we will not advise you to start meditating, and instead, let’s try to indicate the most common mistakes of those who already do it.

Teacher himself

Meditation is not something you can learn yourself. Definitely, it is better to contact someone for help. If you have familiar who do it, is beautiful! If not, use online services. For example, headspace.

Attempts not to think about

The main task of our brain is to think. At least most people. So take and just so stop doing it not so and just. Instead of trying to drive out all thoughts from the head, try, on the contrary, let them.

Give them the opportunity to be in your head and just do not pay attention to it. After some time, they themselves will go to the background, and you can continue.

Do not pay attention to unnecessary details

Could not do meditation in the morning and decided not to do it at all? After all, somewhere it was for sure it was written that it was almost useless to meditate in the evenings. Do not pay attention to such nonsense. The time of day affects your condition in different ways, but you will not notice big differences.

The same applies to the position when meditating, to the environment and other trifles. It is unlikely that you can meditate while a neighbor started repair. However, you should not focus on smaller problems.

Do not use too much tools

Timer to start and end meditation. Call for changing status. Special music. Slowly, but confidently your meditation turns into an exhibition of gadgets and unnecessary services. Remember that first of all meditation is the opportunity to be alone with you and your thoughts. Smartphone in this is not the best assistant.

What errors most often allow those who meditate

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Already mentioned by me HEADSPACE service – this is Mecca for those who want to learn to meditate. It offers different programs, ranging from 10 minutes a day and ending with an hour. Unfortunately, most of them paid. However, there are many other ways to develop in terms of meditation and find out something new.

Increase the time for 10 minutes every week. Learn new techniques. Move forward. This is the same skill as everyone else. It needs to be developed.

My meditation experience is still small. So I will be glad if you specify my mistakes. Also share your technicians, tips and experience in meditation in the comments.

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