What evening ritual will help you sleep better?

It is not always possible to quickly and hard to fall asleep. Then the thoughts are tormented, then unpleasant dreams will be in the middle of the night. As a result, I am carrying a few hours on the bed, you start the day exhausted and exhausted. To fall asleep healthy sleep and sleep well, you need to make an evening ritual. Preparation to sleep will help you relax, let go of the last day and do not think too much about the bottom of the next day, which means it is good and fully rest.

All the elements below are interchangeable evening ritual. And not necessarily use them. We demonstrate a certain model, on the basis of which you can build your own preparation option for.

Close Social Networks

Check Mail, Facebook, Vkontakte, Messages, Twitter, All Networks in which you communicate. Then close them and postpone your gadgets until the morning. If you start the alarm clock on your phone, then do it immediately.

Make records in a personal diary

You can just briefly write down that you planned to do in the day, and what did you do. Such records will help you analyze your productivity, search for errors and improve.

Write down incoherent thoughts

Take a notebook and write down all thoughts that wander in my head. You need to clean the brain before bedtime. You can, of course, use a computer or tablet, but still notepad and handle are much better.

Eat something easy

You will have to experiment long enough to choose a slight food that will ensure you quick falling asleep, good quality sleep and energetic morning. Usually such light foods like fruit, yogurt, nuts are recommended to be used in the morning in order to charge vigor and energy. But try, perhaps, some of them, on the contrary, will help you quickly fall into sleep.

Take a bath

Hot (and possibly cool) bath will help you relax and tune in to the right sleep and a full-fledged vacation.


Before going to bed, or already lying in bed, you can enjoy visualization exercises. Mass options: Analysis of your work, life as a whole, analysis of goals and results, you can imagine at the moment when you achieve the planned success, and you can simply be a sleeping. On the exercises, take 5-30 minutes, as you will be more convenient.

Light stretch before bed

A small stretch before bedtime makes your body think that he is already relaxed and resting.

What evening ritual will help you sleep better

Read a book

Remember how in childhood you asked the elders to read you before bed? And then they themselves loved for the night to read one or two chapters of an exciting book? It is not surprising that you slept in childhood much better! To disconnect from the real world with his concerns and problems, there is nothing better than going into the world fictional. 15-30 minutes of reading will be enough.

Attention: This item concerns exceptionally reading books. Do not watch TV, do not play computer games and do not open a web browser. And do not read books that are too encouraging to action.


If you have done all the above, a strong and healthy dream will come to you immediately.

And three more advice that will help you improve the evening ritual of training to sleep.

1. Do not stop moving during the day.
The more you do, that, accordingly, you will spend more energy, and therefore in the evening you will have a natural desire to sleep. If possible – do sports, at least make a few exercise. After the active day to sleep, you will be firmly and calm.

2. Give yourself enough time to sleep.
For most people enough 7-9 hours to sleep. Reducing this rate, you lose your day productivity (and do not need to listen to the arguments of people who sleep for 4 hours!). More, as a rule, is better than less. And if you are hyperactive during the day, then you will need to sleep even more.

3. Sleep from the soul on the weekend is a great idea!
If you do not fall out during the working week (and so often happens), then the fatigue accumulates. And good sleep on the weekend is a great way to eliminate it. And remember that any sleep schedule is not ideal, we are all looking for a compromise.

What evening ritual will help you sleep better

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