What films worth showing a 10-year-old baby?

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Top 10 films for 10 years

Alla Druzhinina

If we understood correctly, the author of the question asks to advise the best films for decadent children. I tried to take a variety of examples that entertain the young viewer will help him learn something new and will give the right plants for the future.

1. Guest from the Future

Fantasy, adventure, 1984

The sixth grader Kolya goes to the store for kefir and accidentally turns out to be in the future. In his hands, the Melofon device falls, which allows you to read the thoughts of any living beings. Now the cosmic pirates chase are chased, and you follow the fraudsters the young Alisa Selezneva.

Soviet film fantasy for children and adolescents – a real storehouse of exciting plots with good morality. About Alice Seleznev also released films "Lilac ball" and "Rusty General Island". Well, after them, of course, it is worth watching "Adventures Electronics".

2. Adventures of Paddington

Comedy, Adventure, 2014

Bear Paddington arrives from the forests of Peru to London. He wants to find an old acquaintance of his father, but in the end meets the good-natured family of Brownov. And then the main character falls into trouble.

The milestone film about the famous hero of English fairy tales will be happy with good jokes and funny adventures. And he will show that "Family" is not only about blood relations: people who are ready to help each other can become truly loved one.

3. Alien

Fantasy, 1982

Aliens secretly arrive on the ground to study the planet and collecting samples. They are attacked by specials, and aliens run away, in a rush forgetting one of their. He has to save ordinary children.

Classic film Stephen Spielberg talks about friendship and mutual execution. And also shows that the unknown (for example, the alien) is not always something bad and dangerous.


Fantasy, adventure, 2008.

By the beginning of the XXII century, humanity filled the Earth with redeveloped waste. People threw the planet and flew into space, leaving Robots Vall-and to get. After 700 years, only one of them did not break. The last Vall-and developed emotions and fell in love with an Eva research robot arrived on Earth.

Charming heroes of this cartoon will definitely like all children. And at the same time they will tell them about serious environmental topics and a responsible attitude towards our planet.

5. Up

Adventure, 2009.

Karl Frediricks and his wife dreamed of a journey all his life. But they lived to old age, without fulfilling their desire. However, after the death of his wife, Karl binds thousands of balls to his house and flies, accidentally grabbing the chatty scout of Russell.

A very bright and dynamic cartoon will not only please the adventures of the main characters, but also will help children a little different look at their grandparents. Yes, they also dream of something and want to go on an interesting trip.

6. Mystery Coco

Adventure, Fantasy, 2017 year.

Young Miguel from the Mexican village dreams of becoming a musician. Alas, in his family of shoemakers such an occupation is considered shameful. But then the boy understands that a mystical way is associated with his late idol Ernesto de la Cruss.

Another very important cartoon from Pixar. This funny and music story is simple and understandable telling children about death. And the authors managed to file such a disputed topic without gloom and morality.

7. Gained ghosts

What films worth showing a 10-year-old baby

Fantasy, 2001.

Young Tikhiro together with mom and dad moves by car to a new home. Getting off the way, the family stops in the desert city. Having hungry, mom and dad girls pounce on the food left by someone on the table, and suddenly turn into pigs. It turns out that they were enchanted by an evil yabuba. Now the quiet need to serve a witch and invent the plan to save relatives.

Of course, in the list of the best films for children should be the work of the great Hayao Miyazaki. The plot of "ghosts gone" will tell about human defects and nobility. And at the same time will introduce the unusual culture of Japan.

eight. Harry Potter and philosopher

Fantasy, Adventure, 2001.

The ten-year sirota Harry Potter lives in brutal relatives. But one day he brings a letter where the boy is actually a wizard. Harry will go to school magic called Hogwarts, find friends there and encounter fatal hazards.

It is impossible to bypass the main children’s film franchise of the XXI century. Energetic fantasy talks about strong friendship, betrayal, love for native and other important topics. And it is also good that the films of this series grow together with their fans. Therefore, all eight parts of the franchise will be captured for many years.

nine. Free Willy

Adventure, 1993.

Twelve-year-old Julian Jesse, working in the oceanarium, meets the smart Kojaka Willy. At this time, the owners of the institution decide to kill the animal, giving it for an accident to get insurance. But Jesse is ready to defend a new friend.

A very touching film about the love of animals, which became a real hit for generation of the nineties, reminds that the kind of good deeds and mutual assistance should be conceived since childhood.

ten. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Comedy, Music, 2005.

Young Charlie Baket from a very poor family wins a ticket for a visit to the mysterious factory of the legendary Willy Wamka. The boy awaits an exciting journey, but there will be a lot of dangers too.

Like all the shields of Roald Daly, this film pleases a fabulous saturated picture and a very unusual plot. And he also allows you to see the negative features in other visitors who are feared.

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