What functions are waiting for us in the new chrome?

Google Chrome browser kills its competitors not only by speed and opportunities, but also a huge development rate. New diquses in the versions of this browser are replaced by each other with an enviable frequency, showering users with fresh features and advanced technologies. Today we decided to look at a step forward and perekiving at the very last assembly of Chrome to find out what kind of Google surprises will please us quite soon.

On the page of experimental functions Chrome: // Flags We have repeatedly wrote. Here you can see what the developers work now and what functions will soon be quite possible to be added to the browser. The list of them is very extensive, so we will dwell only on those who have been added lately.

Smooth scrolling – Earlier to optimize the scrolling, it was necessary to install various extensions, such as Smooth Scrolller. Now smooth scroll will be included in the main functionality of the browser.

Delayed download background pages – By default, all extensions are loaded automatically when the browser starts. The inclusion of this parameter will allow you to load the background pages of extensions as needed.

The pop-up tip when installing the application – A little change in the behavior of extension alerts. Now, during installation, the pop-up hint will be displayed on the button for the quick access page on the tab panel.

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What functions are waiting for us in the new chrome

Enable NTP Bookmark Features – By default, there are two sections on the jacket of a new tab: Sites and Applications. This option adds another section to them Bookmarks.

Enable open tab synchronization and Enable search engine synchronization – as it is clear from the title, these two options are responsible for synchronizing between different open tabs and selected search engines.

Pre-handle from Omnibox – Thanks to this option, the browser will try to guess that you enter into the address bar and take an appropriate action before the end of entering.

These are approximately innovations can expect us in the following versions of the browser. As you can see, the developers work hard to improve their offspring. And what personally you do not have enough to name Google Chrome Browser of the Dream? What functions would you add or vice versa removed?

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