What gifts love men

It sounds boring, but actually useful gifts are cool. They do not roll on the shelf, they are not transferred at the first convenient case, but they are happy to use and remember you a good word. Main difficulty – find out what exactly needs a person.

If it is a thing, then the main thing is that it is almost applicable, and not just a vase. I give me gifts not so many people, and they know that I can need something about.

Knowledgeable people usually give me tools, and a surprise, carefully learning what I do not have. Those who do not know what to give, hand books on the development of intellect.

If there are no ideas at all, gift certificates or money will be helped. Well, yes, not very original, but the addressee will buy yourself exactly what he wants.

Good gift – useful. Ideally – money, but for some reason it is considered indecent. The main thing is that I applied it in life.

Those who use every day

Formally, a mug with a funny inscription fall into this category, and a fountain pen in a gift box. But it’s better to look for something more interesting.

When I removed the apartment, a couple of years I was preparing myself a meal, and quite a thorough. At first I had a cast-iron grill frying pan, and then the girl gave the electricity. As a result, the year prepared only on it.

If a man leads, he will be useful to a car multitool or video recorder. A person who is often on business trips is an external battery and a sleep mask so that he can relax in the airplane.

Finally, there is a gift that will suit any man: both the driver and office worker, and the athlete, and Melomanana. Smartphone will be useful to everyone, so you do not lose here.

We offer to pay attention to the smartphone Huawei P Smart 2019. Warmless screen with a diagonal of 6.21 inches and a resolution of FHD + is suitable for games and viewing video in high quality, and a double camera with artificial intelligence makes clear pictures in a wide variety.

Suitable for interest

If a man has a hobby, the task becomes easier. Hobbies is a bottomless source of ideas for gifts. Just agree with friends in advance and share ideas not to give the same thing.

My young man likes all sorts of hiking: tents, folding chairs and waterproof bags. He recently had a birthday. Friends learned in advance from me, which he still has no, and gave the radio – he was delighted!

Those that do not buy yourself

Just because in principle I did not think about such. Or thought, but postponed for later.

I somehow have gave cotton pants. I never bought them myself, because until you experienced their softness and ease, you are more important than fashion. But it is clouds, not pants. Since then, this person for all holidays gives me new pants. And I do not mind.

This category includes gifts-impressions. You will never buy them for sure – usually, it is also without it, where to spend money.

For the new year, my wife gave me a song entry in the studio. It was unexpectedly – about the same as if she gave flight to space.

Getting such surprises is very nice – you immediately understand that the gift was chosen for a long time and with love, and did not grab at the last moment what the store was given at a discount.

If there was no direct hint on what I would like, I do unusual and unexpected gifts. It will definitely remember, and all sorts of necessary things can be bought without reason. Of the recent surprises: a master class on managing a yacht and mini-vacation. My young man knew only the airport and time when he needs to be there. Only the tablo he understood where we fly.

How to choose a good gift

Look for prompts

What gifts love men

There is a possibility that in a conversation a man one way or another will deteriorate, what he dreams about. For example, if it complains that the smartphone operates on the last bulking or is upset that the wire has broken down the headphones, it is a hint, which is more transparent to not invent.

The hobby is still easier. If a man collects comics, follow the novelties and boldly give them. Is fond of sports – it means that the certificate is useful to the store of the gossip.

Ask friends

Want to please a man with something unexpected – contact his friends. They are certainly aware of what he dreams of. If you are the very friends, but do not know what to give, it works the reverse rule: ask the girl or wife. At least so you rebel ideas to not accidentally buy the same thing.

Exchange with virgins

First, it is convenient. Your partner is a list of desires immediately for the whole year, and you open it before each holiday and choose what to buy this time. And it’s easier for you, and he does not need to break his head every time.

Secondly, there is an intrigue to the latter. If in the list more than one position, the addressee is unlikely to gues what you give him. The main thing is that it will be a useful and desirable thing in any case.


If with the ideas of material gifts, everything is bad, give impressions. Walking with Digger along the underground river or night hike in the planetarium will be remembered stronger than the next set of shaving.

Be sure to take into account the interests and fears of the addressee. A jump with a parachute for a person who is afraid of heights will, of course, unexpected, but not a particularly pleasant gift.

If you still do not know what to give, we have an option that is suitable for all requirements. Huawei P Smart 2019 – Smartphone with Warmless Screen and Double Camera with Artificial Intelligence.

Smartphone follows trends for minimalism in design: it is distinguished by a glossy back panel with a removal for a fingerprint sensor and a miniature “Cell” on the front side. The Eight-year KIRIN 710 processor is responsible for performance, GPU TURBO graphics processing technology allows you to play the most modern games, and the impact protection mode reduces eye load. This is a powerful and stylish smartphone with flagship characteristics at a price of $ 14,770.


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