What happened to Passbook in iOS 7?

At the WWDC conference in 2012, Passbook was positioned almost as the most interesting innovation in iOS 6. For a number of users, a virtual purse has looked quite revolutionary, which is capable of not only to store all your flights, bonus cards, discount coupons, concert tickets and gift certificates, but also timely notify about associated activities related to all listed events. But a year later, during the main presentation, WWDC 2013 did not sound a single word about the digital wallet. Obviously, Apple decided not to tell about the development of this function for two reasons: either the function does not develop, or we will see something really impressive this fall.

The developers who have already been lucky enough to become the users of the new Apple creation called iOS 7 say that the Passbook application of the Sample 2013 is almost identical to the option that is part of iOS 6. Among the changes, only the appearance of the built-in barcode scanner, as well as a slightly changed in favor of the new style iOS design.

But why did the presentations even felt even about it? Perhaps the fact is that the company clearly wants to go away from the heritage of Scott Forstoll (Scott Forstall), and the Passbook’s demonstration in this form does not fit into this strategy. But there is another opinion. Tim Cook Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said that 575 million bank payment cards were tied to iTunes, and this, he said, is a record for the online store. And it looks very logical to use such a strong user base to start your own payment service.

By the humble opinion of the author, Apple will definitely present its new flagship smartphone in the fall of the current year in the fall, in which the fingerprint scanner will appear. The development of Passbook into a powerful payment service is more than logical, because technologies such as NFC have long been used by other manufacturers, but extremely timidly. In Cupertino, we used to change the world, successfully synthesizing the existing solutions, but did not make it a couple of years. It’s time ..

What happened to Passbook in iOS 7

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