What happens hepatitis and what to do is not to stay without a liver

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver, the condition at which its cells or do not work, or die. The causes of hepatitis are different, the consequences too.

If you have moved acute hepatitis and cured, you will have half a year old to observe a strict diet and follow the mode. If the disease passes into a chronic form, then leads to cirrhosis and liver cancer. And rapid forms that develop quickly and strongly are deadly dangerous.

Why hepatitis appears?

Hepatitis can develop due to poisoning, including alcohol. Or maybe because of the viruses that are aiming driving on the liver. These are mostly viruses of five types: A, B, C, D, E. They are very different, starting with symptoms and ending with treatment.

How hepatitis is passed?

It depends on the type of virus. A and E are transmitted with infected water and products.

Hepatitis C applies through blood. Help him in this non-sterile injection, raw tools (even in dentistry or in a manicure salon), infected donor blood. Children can become infected from mother during childbirth. Rarely hepatitis C is transmitted by sex, unlike hepatitis B, which, with sexual contacts, is moving from a partner to a partner.

This virus also has the same ways as hepatitis C: blood, needles, tools. Hepatitis B is a steady virus that can long live on the blood polluted subjects (unlike the same HIV, which dies quickly).

Hepatitis D clings to people who are already infected with hepatitis B, and complicates the disease. It is transmitted in the same way as hepatitis B: through blood and with sex contacts.

I my hands, do not drink and do not smoke, can I get sick?

If we are talking about hepatitis A and E, in the risk group you will find yourself if you go to the country where everything is bad with hygiene. Or if you wash your hands not enough and forget that it is better to boil the water.

And in the case of hepatitis B, C, D in the risk group there are all who goes to the dentist leads sex life and makes manicure, piercing or tattoos.

And the vaccinations are?

There is but not from all viruses. With hepatitis A and E, you can fight vaccinations, and it is possible – compliance with the rules of sanitation.

From hepatitis in there is a safe vaccination, it enters our vaccination calendar. At the same time she protects from hepatitis D.

From hepatitis with vaccinations.

How then to defend himself from hepatitis?

Make vaccinations from those available.

Be sure to comply with all the rules of hygiene when you are preparing products. To be doubly careful if you are traveling by Africa, Asia, developing countries.

What happens hepatitis and what to do is not to stay without a liver

Carefully monitor that in medical institutions and in any beauty salons or tattoos studios used sterile tools. All disposable packages must open with you, how to get sterilized tools from packages and boxes. Unfortunately, check whether sterilization was performed correctly, we cannot.

Therefore, you need to donate blood at least once a year and find out whether you are in order.

How to understand that I am sick?

Hepatitis, if it develops gradually, first manifests itself bad well-being and yellow leather. Yellow tint appears in eye proteins. The appetite is lost, and behind him and the weight, man is trapped. Sustains can hurt, leather itches, especially at night. All this is because the liver does not cope with his work.

With these symptoms, you need to go to the doctor who will notice other signs of hepatitis and conduct analyzes.

There are exceptions. Sometimes hepatitis proceeds rapidly, with the inner bleeding and the development of coma (this concerns hepatitis B).

And sometimes the years does not declare himself, gradually destroying the liver, like hepatitis with. Since the liver itself does not hurt, then notice inflammation without regular analyzes.

What to do if I have hepatitis?

The treatment diagram depends on the type of virus. From most hepatitis there are no special medicines: it is necessary to help the body yourself cope with the virus and with the consequences of infection. Therefore, it is necessary to observe a strict diet, ensure that the body does not be dehydrated, take antiviral drugs of common. Treatment may be long, to six months, and if the disease has passed into a chronic form (with hepatitis B and C), then permanent.

Hepatitis with is treated with special drugs, but for a long time, difficult and expensive. Many medicines in Russia are not available. Need to be patient and money to overcome the disease.

What happens hepatitis and what to do is not to stay without a liver

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