What happens if you stand for 3 hours a day

Somewhere one year after the beginning of the pandemic, I noticed that the whole day just doing that sit. Without exaggeration! I stepmread about myself about a week and found out that in front of the laptop, on the sofa or for the kitchen table I spend 12 hours daily.

At the same time I used to be very active. For example, it easily passed 10 thousand steps every day, getting to work, walking during a lunch break or winding circles on an office corridor with a phone at the ear. But in 2020, all these habits disappeared. It seems I stopped getting up at all. An exception was except for walking with a dog and infrequent exits in the store.

I wanted to discuss this situation with an expert. Talking with a physiotherapist Fung Tran, I found out that the habit of spending a lot of time sitting, gently say, unsafe Are standing Desks Better for You? . With this lifestyle, it is easy to score overweight – up to obesity, and you can also get cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus. But there is a healthier alternative – do not sit, but stand.

Standing, we burn more calories. In addition, glucose and blood circulation metabolism is improved, risks for cardiovascular system are reduced. And muscles are in a tone.

Fung’s words impressed me, and I decided to stand at least three hours every day during the week. That’s what came of it.

What has changed when I started standing for 3 hours a day

The purpose of the experiment was simple: I wanted to feel energetic and healthy again, as before, before the pandemic. And, in principle, this goal has been achieved.

1. I started moving more and hopefully burn more calories

It turns out that if you prohibit yourself, it’s even a tiny apartment. For example, I answered calls by cutting circles on the bedroom. For comparison: To talk on the phone, I would not rose from the situation. Also, moving around the room, I watched television series.

About how it affects weight, I talked to a nutritionist-nutritionist Lauro Gilstrap. According to her, standing man burns 100-200 kcal per hour. For comparison, when we sit, we spend only 60 to 130 kcal – that is, almost two times less.

When we stand, the muscles are strained and consumed more energy.

(According to other data Standing Sevel Hours a day Could Help You Lose Weight, Mayo Clinic Research Finds, the difference in calorie consumption is not so large: only 0.15 kcal per minute. That is, in an hour spent on the legs, the average will burn only 9 kcal more. – approx. red.)

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2. Passed back pain and neck

Unpleasant and even painful sensations appeared in me a few months after the start of the forced quarantine imprisonment. It looked as if I was rednecking or embarrassed some exercise. Although neither training, nor even just walking in my life at that time. I was wondering if it could not be the result of being sitting too much and looking into the screen?

In search of a response to this question I turned to the physiotherapist Alice Holland. And found out: communication is really. When we sit, the spine is experiencing an increased load. If you spend in this position for a long time every day, it can lead to protrusion and even hernias of the intervertebral disk – a frequent reason for the pain in the back.

The load on the spine increases, if you sit, without controlling posture. By the way, stand in this sense is much safer.

What happens if you stand for 3 hours a day

In the standing position, people tend to unconsciously straighten the back.

When I started standing at three o’clock a day, the back began to disturb me much less. Stopped whining neck. And it seemed to me that the pressure on the vertebrae decreased.

3. I became more energetic

Honestly confess: first it was difficult. First, it was difficult to remember every time that you need to get up. Secondly, sitting touching in the chair was much more convenient. As a result, by the end of the first day, I felt exhausted.

However, by the third day everything has changed. I felt that I seemed to have more energy.

Why continuously stand for 3 hours a day is still not worth

After a week, during which I spent on my feet for three hours every day, my well-being was clearly improved. And discomfort also disappeared: by the end of this quest I easily watched the TV show or answered working letters standing.

I hope to save this habit. But in the future I will not be so strictly followed by the rule about the daily three hours. According to the physiotherapist Karen Wu, stand too long can be harmful.

When you stand for a long time, the burden on the joints increases dramatically. From time to time it is necessary to give the legs to rest.

On the advice of the physiotherapist, I decided to make 10-minute breaks and rest sitting or lying after every hour spent standing. Everything should be in moderation.


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