What happens to our body when we stop having sex

You recently diverged with your partner or just too busy? Maybe work and small children contribute to the fact that in the evenings you instantly disconnect as soon as your head touches the pillow? Causes of lack of sex may be different. The consequences of everyone will be the same and not very pleasant.

A few days of the break turn into weeks, and the weeks – in months. At first, it just felt a light shortage of sex, and then it becomes something familiar, an integral part of life. We begin to notice not only strange emotional reactions, but also tangible physical problems. No sex does not just make us a little bitch. It threatens quite real diseases.

Immunity decreases

Dr. Corey B. Honikman (Cory B. Honickman) believes that the immune system is weakening as soon as we stop having sex for a long period. Studies are shown Melissa Pillote. Sex and Its Positive Effects on the Immune System, The Brain and Pain Management. , What in people who lead regular sex life, immunity above 33%.

The level of stress rises

Sex increases serotonin production, hormone happiness. Accordingly, the absence of this act suspends this factory of pleasure and increases the level of stress. Research Stuart Brody. Blood Pressure Reactivity To Stress Is Better for People WH Recently Had Penile-Vaginal Intercourse Than for People Who Had Other or No Sexual Activity. , Paisley (United Kingdom) held at the University of Paisley (United Kingdom) show that people after ordinary sex coped with stressful situations much better than practitioners other forms or abstainable.

There are problems with excitation

Men suffer from erectile dysfunction Juha Koskimäki, Rahman Shiri, TEUVO TAMMELA, JUKKA Häkkinen, Matti Hakama, Anssi Auvinen. Regular Intercourse Protects Against ECTILE DYSFUNCTION: Tampere Aging Male Urologic Study. . It can be both problems with erection and premature ejaculation.

The content of dreams changes

During the period of sexual abstinence, people often begin to dream of sexual dreams. Sometimes they are so realistic that you can get orgasm. Time does not make up sexual life in reality, why not try happiness in a dream? Of course, dreams – only weak echo of the present, but it is better so nothing.

Libido decreases

Dr. Honikman notes that a sexual desire is reduced as a result of a long sexual abstinence. Why distort the already tortured organism, if the sex does not shine anyway? It’s quite normal. Natural reaction in periods of lull.

Appears alienation between partners

A break in sex life can not only reduce libido, but also lead to cooling feelings. Moreover, the lack of sex is quite noticeable. The surrounding at the subconscious level receive a signal, which, if you are nice to a person, may encourage him to start showing your interest in you and move to more active actions.

Decreases self-esteem

You can start feeling less attractive. It is believed that cum – a kind of natural antidepressant. Her drawback can also lead to a worsening of mood. This applies not only to those who have made a forced break, but also partners who prefer condoms as a means of protection. Of course, condoms need to be used. But if you have a permanent partner or husband / wife, you can use other means of contraception.

Risk of development of prostate cancer increases

Research Jennifer Rider, Kathryn Wilson, Rachel Kelly, Erika Ebot, Edward Giovannucci, Lorelei Mucci. Ejaculation Frequency and Risk of Prostate Cancer: Updated Results from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study. , conducted by the American Urological Association, prove that the longer a break in sexual activity in men, the higher the chance to earn prostatitis or prostate cancer.

What happens to our body when we stop having sex

Weave the walls of the vagina and increases the risk of developing gynecological diseases

Sex for women – it’s like training for kehel muscles. Ladies, if for some reason you have no sex, arrange yourself at least a light workshop.

In addition, the consequence of a long-term abstinence may be stagnation of blood in the field of small pelvis, which threatens the development of diseases such as adnexites and mastopathy.

Hormonal failures arise

Another unpleasant consequence of sexual abstinence for both men and women.

In the female body, the number of men’s hormones increases, which leads to problems with skin (rash, dryness). Premature wrinkles may also appear. Sex classes stimulate collagen production A. O. Abubaker, P. C. Hebda, J. N. Gunsolley. Effects of Sex Hormones On Protein and Collagen Content of The TemporomandiBular Joint Disc Of The Rat. , which makes the skin elastic. No sex – hello, premature aging!

Men also begin to problems with skin in the form of rash, and the overabundance of male hormones can cause outbreaks of aggression Nigel Barber. Sex, Violence, and Hormones. and the appearance of obsessive thoughts.

In addition to the above, a long break in sex life can also lead to obesity (attempts to get grief and enjoy), alcoholism, insomnia, chronic pains and the appearance of hairproof in unwanted places in women.

The only positive moment of abstinence is the lack of sexually transmitted diseases. But this is a pretty doubtful plus, if you have long been a permanent partner, though?

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