What happens to people in a long relationship: 5 facts proven by science

No foreigner will understand without explanation, the hidden essence of the expression "beat egglush". However, English idioms are no better. In pairs also appear internal phraseological units that do not matter for extraneous.

The language of "dedicated" is the right sign that people live on the same wave. According to the study of Couples’Personal IDIOMS: Exploring Intimate Talk American Robert Hopper (Robert Hopper), a scientist in the field of speech communication, the secret language performs two functions: bonds bonds, romantic or platonic, and also gives rise to common personality. Professor Hopper Indicates a direct connection between unique habits in communication and proximity in relationships. Psychologist Carol Bruss (Carol Bruss) from the University of Ohio.

Professor Bruss studied the relationship between the use of peculiar expressions and satisfaction from family life in 308 volunteers. Among the participants were both newlyweds and people in marriage over 50 years. Study `Sweet Pea ‘and` Pussy Cat’: An Examination Of Idiom Use and Marital Satisfaction Over The Life Cycle confirmed the hypothesis that happy husbands and wives use more idiom.

2. They turn off censorship

Most people talking to strangers absolutely differently than with friends and, of course, with a partner. We control our speech and adjust your behavior in such a way as not to make a bad impression and enjoy the people around us.

Alone with his half man retreats from such behavior and switches to natural speech.

We cease to take care of what they think about us, and cease to restrain. So it turns out more sincerely and openly.

Psychologist Daniel Kahneman (Daniel Kahneman) from the University of California in Berkeley brings a familiar to the whole analogy. At first, most of us are careful in handling your colleagues. We do not solve the brave statements and recheck the facts in the head, so as not to bloom something extra. Over time, this obstacle gradually disappears.

3. They become similar to each other

It remains a mystery why dog ‚Äč‚Äčlovers are like their pets. But it is safe to say, why close people in many years acquire common features.

The reason for the amazing effect is described in the study of Long-Married Couples Do Look Alike, Study Finds Psychologist Robert Zagenka (Robert Zajonc) from Michigan University. Scientist wondered why pairs that initially do not have special similarities gradually become similar to each other?

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In search of a response, the team of Professor Zhezhonka asked photos from 20 married couples and laid them in a random order on two stacks: in the first there were newlywed pictures, and in the second – quarter a century later. After which the observers were looking for a couple among them. Find newlyweds turned out to be problematic. But those who guided the silver wedding, issued the same wrinkles and the contour of the face.

What happens to people in a long relations of 5 facts proven by science

Over the past years, people unconsciously imitated the facial expressions and emotions of their spouses. They used the same muscles so often that they became a reflection of each other.

4. Their speech begins to sound the same

Long-term relationships affect the syntactic structure of speech and its rhythm. Partly this is the result of a psychological phenomenon, which is called Emotional Contagion emotional incucitivity. Two people begin to imitate someone else’s speech when they spend a lot of time together.

We imitate everything: from the accent to the number and duration of the pauses, which our partner makes between words and suggestions.

Scientists analyzed text messages of several dozen couples and came to an interesting conclusion: the probability of continuing relations three months after the acquaintance was higher if young people coordinated their sound from the point of view of the dictionary stock and structure of the language.

5. They copy each other’s body language

Scientists suggest that joint life experience and general knowledge luggage is a fundamental reason why pairs repeat the elusive movements of each other. Memories form a special body language, define gestures, postures, words and phrases. For example, a group of scientists from California University notified the same eye response from partners when the information sounded in a spontaneous conversation.

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