What happens to your apartment, if you do not remove the week, month or year

Dust in our apartments is a complex cocktail of natural and industrial origin. For example, across the window can enter the ash particles from distant volcanoes, microscopic fragments of meteorites or sand from the Sugar desert. Plants and other industrial enterprises sometimes save on filtering technologies, and as a result, metal dust, particles of rubber, sulfur, coal and other materials are emitted into the air.

All this is distributed with the wind and on the soles of shoes and can be approximately all home dust. More ⅓ – these are crumbs of food, animal wool, hair, leather flakes, clothes, carpets and paper, flower pollen and dust pliers. Accurate ratios in each apartment of your own: someone has a fluffy cat and a dog, others have no animals, but there is a huge Persian carpet. In some areas, the street washed at night, and somewhere near the house there is an abandoned dusty stadium.

Dust is different size and measured in micrometers. The largest particles can reach more than 140 microns. But for human health, it is more dangerous for small dust of up to 10 microns, which longer twists in the air and penetrates the respiratory system. WHO installed WHO Air Quality Guidelines for Particulate Matter, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulfur Diocide The limit concentrations of dust in the air of residential premises. So, particles PM10 with a size of 2.5-10 μm should not be on average more than 10 μg / m3, PM2 particles.5 up to 2.5 μm – no more than 20 μg / m3. Credit with small dust helps vacuum cleaners with fine filtration system.

What will happen if not to clean the week

Even in a tightly locked apartment in a week can settle about 6 thousand dust particles per square centimeter of the horizontal surface. It is usually among them 35% of mineral particles, 12% of textile and paper fibers, 19% skin scale, 7% of floral pollen, 3% of soot particles and 24% of the particles of the unidentified origin of Ilonov in. A., "Where does the dust come from?", M.: "Sanitary Education", 1996. .

Dust thin layer covers floors and other horizontal surfaces. It is especially noticeable on glass, glossy tiles and laminate. Much less on carpet or matte ceramarry, but even when the particles are not visible, it does not mean that there is no dust.

For a week without cleaning on plumbing and in the sink accumulated bacteria, on the stove, tabletop and walls of the kitchen are settled fat drops. Pens, switches and places around them are covered by fingerprints. The table ceases to glisten the cleanliness, divorces appear on the mirrors.

Visually changes are still almost not noticeable, but the apartment goes into the state of the antisanitation. Bacteria breeds, an unpleasant smell appears. Crumbs on the table can attract cockroaches that penetrate through ventilation and gap from neighbors. And in places where dust settles, dust mites are breed: a person suffering from allergies may experience an attack of aggravation in such an apartment.

If you want to live in a clean apartment, but you can not spend time and strength to fight dust every day – a robot vacuum cleaner will help you. For example, the Viomi SE model with built-in LDS lasers will build an accurate room map and will be the optimal cleaning route. You can manage it from a smartphone. The device recognizes the stairs and definitely will not fall with the steps.

And the robot vacuum cleaner 360 C50-1 works up to 2 hours without recharging. It collects dry dust and wipes the floors with a sponge, and after cleaning it is automatically parked at the charging station. Thanks to large wheels, the robot will overcome small thresholds. Soft bumper will not give damage to the furniture, as well as protect the vacuum cleaner itself from damage.

What will happen if not to clean the month

Four weeks the dirt on the floor and surfaces becomes a noticeable naked eye. Dust connects with a fat, which donkey on the walls and furniture in the kitchen, scorches the slots of windows and furniture, is assembled inside the lights of the lamps, in paintings and photos, wallpaper and home plants. Due to the lack of cleaning, the air in the room is felt heavy and stale.

Heating radiators, chandeliers with figure lamps, faded frames, carpets on the floor and walls, curtains and curtains, upholstered furniture are covered in dust first. The larger the surface area, the easier it is to fix the particles on it. Dust accumulates and on the technique – drawn by static electricity, is distributed inside and outside. If you don’t do cleanup regularly, the gadgets will work worse, as they will overheat.

Depending on how many people and pets live in the apartment, dust will be greater or less. For example, on average, the human body resets you’re Never Alone in a Dusty Apartment all skin – more than a billion cells – every 28 days. By weight, this is about 10 grams, which consists of about 130 grams per year. How many wool can be combed from a fluffy dog ​​depends on its size and wool length. Suppose the owners of the Caucasian Shepherd for a month without cleaning will be practically walking on a lost pet.

What will happen if not to clean the year

In such an apartment, it is better not to enter without a respirator. During the year, the dust of the thick layer covers everything in the room, hanging in the air, crept on the slightest movement and rolls into the balls in the corners. It annoys the mucous membranes and can provoke a cough attack, runny nose and other unpleasant consequences.

In the corners, on chandeliers or just on the ceiling there appears. And on the layer of dust on the tile or laminate will be easy to slip. If you do not remove the year in the bathroom, cranes and plumbing will cover with limestone sediments and lose shine. Moisture can lead to corrosion, and on plumbing under the crane or shower, rust flots are formed.

In the kitchen, the combination of dust and fat will be especially noticeable on the ventilation gratings, the upper parts of the cabinets, the grid on the back of the refrigerator, the extractor filters. The fat and slippery floor will change the color, the plates will not be noticeably under the multiple stains from food remnants or raids.

Dust is entrusted in the surface and upholstered furniture, and in it with a high probability of dust pliers. Because of dirt, even new things begin to look dilapidated. The windows of the apartment become impenetrable, and light due to dust on the light bulbs – dim.

Why remove regularly still worth

What happens to your apartment, if you do not remove the week, month or year

Cleaning in the apartment is closely related to your health. Fine dust easily penetrates Effects of Dust Exposure on the Respiratory Health Symptoms and Pulmonary Functions of Street Sweepers and can cause serious diseases: silicosis, antrahylic, chronic bronchitis. It annoys the upper respiratory tract, mucous eye and skin, creates a favorable medium for multiplication of microorganisms.

Effectiveness of lungs decreases, Saturation drops – blood oxygen level. At first, a person is just heaving in his head, quickly gets tired, but over time it can lead to much more serious consequences.

In addition, dust mites often provoke allergies and exacerbate the course of asthma. Toxins and heavy metals Selected Heavy Metals in Settled Dust from Apartments Located in Lublin, Poland in home trash can lead to health care disorders that are difficult to diagnose. And scientists found out that from dust, you can even gain weight chemicals in household dust May Promote Fat Cell Development: the chemical composition of some dust particles contributes to the division of fat cells in the human body.

How to deal with dust more efficiently

First Rule – Regularity. If you remove at home at least once a week, dust will not lead to critical consequences for your body.

To restore order it became easier, get rid of unnecessary things that attract dust. Multilayer lampshades of fabric, statuette collection, Soviet wall in the living room or grandmother’s carpet – Dust collectors, with whom it is better to say. And if such things are the road as memory, keep them in closed boxes.

Air humidifier will help catch the dust indoors. And the effective ventilation system with multiple filters will help to ventilate an apartment with closed windows, not launching outsided pollution from the street.

Get a habit to regularly carry out general cleaning, wash curtains, wash carpets. Do not forget that not only floors and hard surfaces are needed in cleaning, but also upholstered furniture, chandeliers and radiators.

To accurately clean the dust from hard-to-reach corners and breathe fresh air, you need a powerful vacuum cleaner that is not limited to the rosette radius. Wireless Jimmy JV51 can be used for dry cleaning of the whole house. Thanks to a small weight with him conveniently vacuuming even curtains and furniture.

ROIDMI ZERO Another wireless model that helps make and wet cleaning. Ziwei sterilization system with silver ions, according to the manufacturer, provides an antibacterial effect. Included – Special nozzle for cleaning sofas, which will come true for auto cabin.

What happens to your apartment, if you do not remove the week, month or year

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