What happens when blocking contacts on the iPhone

Have you ever wondered that in fact happens when you block someone on the iPhone? Knowledge of these signs will also help to recognize that someone added to the black list of you.

You can prohibit interaction with you a specific user through the messages "Messages" or "Phone" / FaceTime. The result is the same: the contact is blocked in all three applications at the same time. Nevertheless, it will not prevent a person to try to contact you. And he will not hear the message "Your number was blocked" – but will only be surprised why you ignore his messages and calls.

Blocking through "Messages"

Open the chat with the desired user, click on its name or number at the top of the screen and click on the ⓘ icon to open the contact. Click on the name or number and scroll down to the "Block subscriber" item. Ready!

When a blocked subscriber will try to write to you, it will not see the statute of "delivered" to iOS, and the message bubble can change the color with blue on the green (this means that instead of the iMessage is sent by the usual SMS). You will not see this message.

In "Messages" there is also a SMS grouping function and iMessage from unfamiliar people. To do this, in the settings, open "Messages" → "Filtering to the Sender". After that, these messages will appear in a separate tab, and you will not receive notifications about them. Although most companies and shops are determined automatically, this feature has a certain inconvenience: you can skip the message from the courier or a small shop in which you made an order.

What happens when blocking contacts on the iPhone

Lock via "Phone" / FaceTime

Here the principle is the same: open the application, find the call from the contact and click on the icon. Scroll down and select "Block the Subscriber".

To view the list of blocked, in the settings, open "Messages", "Phone" or FaceTime. In the "Blocked Contacts" section, you will see a list of all those ever blocked – and get the opportunity to pull contact from the blacklist if you want.

Calls from the blocked users smartphone will immediately translate to the answering machine. You will see in the answering machine section a new folder "Blocked". You will not receive notifications about new records, so the only way is to check the voice mail manually.

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