What heater to choose to be exactly warm

Each type of heaters has its advantages and disadvantages. After reading them, you will understand which machine is best for your needs.

1. Oil heaters

Inside the heaters of this type there is mineral oil, which heats up from the electrical spiral and gives heat. Such an apparatus consists of uniform sections and externally resembles a classic apartment battery.

Of the two equal oil heaters, the one whom the sections are less. Therefore, it is more practical to take a model with a large number of sections to reduce the likelihood of random burns.

pros. Oil heaters work without noise, long retain heat after shutdown and considered environmentally friendly.

Minuses. Due to the strong heating of the housing, such devices can be dangerous for pets and small children. In addition, oil devices slowly warm the room.

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2. Convectors

Convector looks like a battery without sections. Heaters of this type admire cold air through the lower holes in the case and warm it. As a result, it becomes easier and comes out himself through the upper part of the device. This occurs natural air circulation.

pros. Convectors are silent. They are rustling, so safe for animals and children. These devices are often used as the main heating source for the cottage: they can be easily combined into a single heating network.

Minuses. Heating occurs slowly, and the effectiveness of the convector is highly dependent on its location: the lower, the better.

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3. Fan heaters

Such heaters spread warm air by rotating blades. Their buildings are often equipped with an automatic rotary mechanism that provides uniform heating of the surrounding area.

pros. Fan heaters are leading at the rate of heating of the premises. They consume relatively little energy, and due to the variety of available sizes and forms easily fit into any interior.

Minuses. The main disadvantage of fan heaters is noise. And if dust falls on the heat spiral, the unpleasant smell of Gary is added to it.

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4. Infrared heaters

Apparatus of this type use harmless infrared radiation. Therefore, they, like the Sun, warm not the air, and the objects falling under the rays: furniture, walls, gender, people. Some infrared heaters do not need electricity and operate on gas.

pros. Such devices do not make noise and are suitable for heating not only the premises, but also arbors, country yards and other open areas. In addition, infrared heaters are the most economical. Especially gas models that do not work from the cylinder, but from the natural gas highway.

Minuses. These devices are not suitable for heating large rooms with a lot of rooms. Zones where infrared rays do not fall, remain cold.

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5. Electrograms

Electrocamine is a separate or embedded block in furniture, which repeats the design of the traditional fireplace. Due to the special backlight or other technologies, this device creates a convincing imitation of the flame.

pros. Electrocamine is primarily a stylish decor element. You get the same comfort, for which everyone loves fireplaces, but at the same time we save yourself from the wrist with firewood, smoke and coal.

Minuses. Heat such devices are bad. Therefore, hope for them in cold weather is not worth.

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6. Thermal curtains

This type of heaters is worth a mansion. Thermal curtains do not so much heat the room as it supports its temperature. Being attached above the doors and windows, they create down down air flows. Such invisible barriers prevent heat exchange between the room and the street.

Choosing thermal curtains, pay special attention to their dimensions. The width of the devices should not give up the width of the door or window openings. Otherwise, the air barrier area may be too small.

What heater to choose to be exactly warm

pros. Thermal curtains retain the room temperature at any time of the year and even prevent insect-insect.

Minuses. These devices almost do not warm the room, only retain the current temperature.

What to buy

Square Heating

Before buying, make sure that the heater power is enough for the size of your room. For this, look at the website of the store or manufacturer of the heating area, which the device provides. It is better to buy an excessive coating model than with too limited. Increased power will be more expensive.

You can also determine what the value of this indicator will be optimal for you.

It is believed that for heating one square meter of the unheated premises requires at least 100 W power of the device.

If the heater serves as an additional heat source, then 60-80 W will be enough for one square meter.

Types of control

Mechanical control heaters usually allow you to choose only power and temperature levels. Models with electronic control are more expensive, but often offer more settings and various operating modes. In addition, they have a display that displays the temperature and other indicators, and it is convenient to interact with them at a distance using the remote.

Additional features

Choosing a heater, you should remember additional features and characteristics. Some of them can play a decisive role for you when choosing a device.

For example, if you want to buy a bathroom or sauna machine, make sure that it is protected from moisture. And so that the heater strictly supports the temperature you specify, choose a model with a thermostat. Among other useful features that you may interest you, – timer, auto power connection when falling and overheating, air humidifier and so on.

Dimensions and fasteners

To the heater be convenient and optimally approached the room conditions, pay attention to the dimensions and affordable installation methods. So, some devices are sold with fasteners for walls or ceiling, others are compact enough to work on the table, others have the wheels for convenient transportation by the floor. There are those that are suitable for different use conditions.

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