What I did not know about success in 25, but I know at 50: entrepreneur advice

Entrepreneur, speaker, author of the book "How to return inspiration and again love your work" Scott Motz in his column on Inc shared tips on how to achieve success and build a dream career.

1. Remember that your career depends only on you

When I got a large company shortly after the 25th anniversary, I thought that some kind of the highest mind would simply move me from office until my career dreams would do. I myself did little.

Do not get into this trap. Yes, others will be helped to help you, but it is from you that your future depends.

Know what you want, and show the initiative.

2. Choose your own way

Only you yourself can decide what exactly for you is important. Move to that career and the life you want, and not whom others expected you. Then you will be satisfied with your life, and in old age I will not have to regret that you did not have the courage to go to your way.

3. Do not seek the approval of others, be faithful to yourself

Approval of others – this is an external motivation. It does not mean anything and only deprivation of you confidence. If success is equal to you approval, you will never achieve it. Enter so to be faithful to yourself.

4. Know that your definition of success will change

25 years ago, I believed that success is as quickly as possible and more often. Now I see him as serving something more than I myself. Then I would not have come to mind.

5. Charge the surrounding energy, and not take it off

Those who charge other enthusiasm and optimism, usually attract success. But to pessimists, gossip and people with a negative attitude he does not come.

6. Remember that the character is manifested during difficulties

Easy to arrange people when everything is fine. But how do you manifest yourself in a critical situation? Be sure surrounding will remember how you behaved. Use such moments to show yourself from the best side.

Do not go on colleagues, do not shift the blame on them if you have made a mistake. It will only spoil the relationship.

7. Promote others when we go to themselves

Nice to climb up the career ladder. But do not forget to help others. Use a new position not only for your own purposes, improve the lives of others. Success is returned by a hundredfold when you help people develop in their field.

eight. The only one with whom to compare itself is you yesterday

What I did not know about success in 25, but I know in 50 entrepreneur advice

Constantly comparing yourself with others, you will not succeed, but only make yourself unhappy. Try to become better than yesterday. To do this, put training and development in the first place. The most unhappy stages in my career are times when I did not study and did not develop.

nine. The biggest risk in the career is not to risk at all

The first admiral of the American fleet Grace Hopper once said: "The ship in the port is safe, but the ships are not built for this".

Success very often depends on readiness to risk, extract lessons and move forward.

ten. Know what to replace hard work

Relentless hard work! Do not prefer different. Add to this a bit of patience and perseverance, harden in the fire of life difficulties and get the strength of the spirit.

eleven. Give policies politicians

Do your job as best you can use all your abilities, and leave the policy less capable. Yes, sometimes she helps someone to advance in a career. But for it you have to pay. Think if you really need it.

12. Try to leave heritage

For my career, I achieved success in many posts. Because I have always thought that I will leave after myself how to affect others. Be sure to ask yourself these questions, being in a new position.

What I did not know about success in 25, but I know in 50 entrepreneur advice

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