"What I never do, sitting at the table"

We offer you the interesting opinion of Justin Jackson @mijustin, which works for product manager in Industry Mailout. Justin’s thoughts will be interesting especially those who work in the office and suspect that because of this, productivity suffers.

We need to start thinking about your desktop, as a place specifically dedicated to work.

If you think about it, it becomes clear that we make a lot of "left" things for our jobs.

Below I listed a few things that I try not to do at my workplace:

1. Reflections. No one came up with anything outstanding sitting at the table. Recall the moments when the brilliant idea came to mind … how many such moments happened while working in front of the screen? If you are the same as me, then the best thoughts in the head come not during the sidier at the table, but during walks, conversations with other people, during the coffee pause, in the shower. Your table – to perform what you came up elsewhere!

2. Socialization. When I’m on the fifth point behind my table, then I want to be in the "Artist" mode. I want to prioritize my most important tasks, and then complete them with the highest possible speed. Socialization at the table exposes the destruction of priorities, and also breaks the concept of the workstation. That is why the installation of a water cooler in the office is a wonderful socializing idea. So you, if you want to talk, leave the workstation and go to the social station. I am sure that each office should have a socializing station – a place where the team can hang out and talk normally, without interfering with each other.

What I never do, sitting at the table

3. Procrastination. Check Facebook / Vkontakte, reading Twitter, view YouTube, check E-mail, unconscious reading RSS or jogging blogs in blogs – I believe that breaks and pauses are important during operation. But again, I feel sacred that compliance with the rules that the desktop is solely for work. If I need to dispel, then I can just walk or find a place in the office, where I will make the above-described action for entertainment. And it is also very important that so we can fix the intervals of procrastinations and ask yourself the question – "Why?"We are pronounced because of boredom? Because of hunger? We are nudo? We can not solve the task? Maybe you just stick and you just need to walk? Observe what prevents you from working and solve this problem.

4. Sidytachka. Last 18 months I use a standing table. And I realized that it is not important what I stand all day, it is important – that I do not sit. Standing table allows you to stand, sit, clamp. And most importantly – I can just move away from the workplace when it seems to me that I am a sliding and can not solve the problem.

Many writers draw themselves a special place in which they cannot do anything – just write. As soon as they understand that today they can not write anything, they immediately leave this place and take themselves completely different work. It seems to me that we have to rethink our jobs and take the rule that this is the only place where we have to complete our affairs.

What I never do, sitting at the table

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