What I thought passing my first Ironman

I can, I can, I can, I can, 10 minutes, back, back, back, keep the tempo, come on, my paismaker Izquieerdo Bel David, thank you, I hate, thank you, I hate, it has already been dark, some more, now I will relax, consider What did you do it … Eyes strangely fully copble with the fact that most of the picture has become peripheral. Yes, and the body at the moment, I think, no longer yours. Here it is, the bending of the tracks, really do not need to leave another circle? Perhaps, I would still thank a couple, except in a slightly lower pace. Carpet … blue? WTF? Well, yes, blue, what a strange question. Usually my favorite color, at that moment he is somehow overlooking. Soft green grass would be somehow better. In general, carpet tracks must be red! Yes, maybe it was worth it to finish it, because it is clearly clinically? What is me, we must give everyone, myself and David, reluctantly the last 4-5 kilometers to the finish line for the finish line with his paced, in gratitude to make a beautiful separate photo. Without pressing a pulsometer, with a smile, remember? But what a traffic jam on the finish, remember the hellish start, transit. That’s where there is no time to dig, I understand. Okay, next time, guys, sorry, but it, the body, was waiting for too long, and I press for gas.

How quickly happened quickly: 2.5 years of training, 10 hours 43 minutes racing and such a quick finish … where emotions, where everything? Just fats, I am in your own cranial box and look at the walls of the shell of absolutely pure similarity of coconut. Hallucinations, of course, noble. Nothing – neither thoughts or brains. A doctor returns to life, who has not believed to mutter "I’m Fine, I’m Fine", even knows about my eyes in a bunch and looking for contact Exactly in her center, "heaps".

Finding away by photographing with your beloved, the hand grops a pleasant iron severity on the neck. In the childhood, the stories of the mother about the father, so what is there to talk, and the Father about themselves, swaming Daugava, did the boy’s boyfriends without plastics. Pride for the parent took a tangible shape and reinforced concrete argument in disputes with single-handlers. Now, more than ten minutes, those papal 500 meters, how to tell you, not those inflation, do you know. But after all, the pride of the offspring for ancestor as a spoon to dinner – the road is when needed most. Give your kids an example of the case, and not in a word, almost more important than the passage of the "piece of iron". So Daugava and Spanish 226 kilometers are equal today!

The emptiness does not leave the head. More precisely, the fullness does not return. Vacuum, from the language fragments of phrases, chaotic memories of the race; Instinctive desire to analyze and structure mixed with interjections and non-printing expressions. I noticate this, I understand that you just need to enjoy the moment, and I do. I let go of the waterfall of emotions, I feel special, I want to share with someone as before: "Guys, and you know, I have a friend Ironman!"There are neither Oprah, nor Posner, but questions from others, and from themselves the flow of the thread, and I am happy to sit in the virtual TV space more comfortable, so that under the bright light of the Sofita to shuffle in your minute of glory.

Is there life after death?! What’s next, athlete? This seemingly not the most clear question is in the top of the most asked in the coming days. But it does not confuse, because I myself have already answered him, and Naaamnoe before. The fact is that iron becomes twice: in fact and legally. And one with the second is not directly connected. It’s hard to believe it, but it is so.

What I thought passing my first Ironman

There are familiar who have the power of will, plow in training not the first year, have 4:40 and better on the halves, but postpone the full Ironman for a couple of years ahead to get better!

And there are guys who, when preparing for the passage of "hardware", losing weight, gained weight! Hoped before the start that Ironman will cancel. Sat down on a couple of months before the start and went on begging, by the way, the stage most. That is, a medal, of course, it will remain, but in the depths of the soul, the participant of "fun 13+ hours" understands everything and will try to become Ironman de facto for himself in the future.

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